Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Recap

I meant to write a post on Friday and it was just one of those crazy, hectic days that seems to go on forever.  The morning started out with W proclaiming, “I don’t want to go to school!  I don’t want to do abc’s!  I don’t want to do 123’s!  I already know everything!”.  Wow.  I finally got him dressed and dropped off.  I had a meeting (teleconference) with my boss and a few other colleagues and mid phone call, I saw that W’s school was calling.  Crap.  I answered and was told that W had a rash on his tummy and face and I should probably come get him.  The meeting with my boss was winding down so I figured I could hop in the car and continue participating in the meeting while I drove and no one would know the difference.  Well apparently there’s a black hole between my house and preschool because the phone call dropped twice.  And each time that happens, it makes a sound so people knew I was getting disconnected.  I felt like an idiot.  W did have some hives on his tummy and I appreciate that his school called, but it also didn’t seem to require me dropping everything to pick him up.  Not sure what the hives were from – W played with homemade play dough and he doesn’t usually so that’s all we can think of.  Once we arrived home, our mailbox (including the post) was laying in the street.  Apparently the wood was rotted and it picked this moment to basically disintegrate.  On the bright side, we can’t receive any bills! ;)  The rest of the afternoon continued with me apologizing to my boss and the boys being feisty.  We did make it outside and had fun blowing bubbles, making chalk drawings, and playing on the deck.  S is going through a terrible twos stage in which his favorite word is no and he has a meltdown when things don’t go his way.  It’s super fun. :)

Saturday got off to a better start with me taking S to school and A taking W to swim class.  S seems to really enjoy school and another mom commented on how well he was talking, which made me proud.  Afterwards, I went to get my haircut and as soon as that was over, A brought the boys in to get their hair cut.  W was great.  S was just plain awful and embarrassing.  Last time he got his haircut, the lady kept trying to use clippers and he was terrified.  I’m not sure if he remembers that, but he screamed throughout his entire haircut and he’s never done that before.  I felt so bad for the stylist and everyone else in the salon.  I have no idea what to do – his hair grows fast and he needs a haircut once a month, but I can’t fathom returning with him.  We got home and played outside for a bit.  Our weather has been amazing!!

 Sunday was the usual routine.  S got angry at Starbucks because I wouldn’t let him sit on the taller bar stools so he laid on the floor. :\  After grocery shopping, we all went to Nani’s and Papa’s house for a little cook out.  Grilled food in February!  Who would’ve thought?  We also squeezed in some park time and a walk.  Wishing I had off today to continue enjoying the nice weather.


  1. You know those mobile dog grooming trucks?

    Try one next time S needs a clippin'!

    The boys are so little & cute in your photos (plaids & stripes!), that I refuse to believe they are ever even a teeny bit naughty.


    Grilling in February - wonderful!

    1. Haha!! I may resort to the grooming truck! I thought about cutting it myself, but given that I have zero experience, probably not the best solution.