Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hopes for Baby W

Well, yesterday was a rough day… I’ll spare all the details, but my insurance company basically lied to me and is now refusing to reimburse my claim.  Even though I had talked to them on the phone twice and they told me the supplies I needed would be covered, they’re now denying coverage.  AND the letter they sent me says they can’t guarantee anything said over the phone.  SO basically anything their employees say over the phone should not be believed.  Beware of Aetna.

In an attempt to cheer myself up, I’m thinking about my sweet little man.  Here are my hopes for baby W…

I hope you inherit your dad’s patience and calm demeanor.  But at the same time, I hope you inherit your mom’s strong will and determination to complete/succeed in the causes you truly believe in.  I hope you inherit your dad’s love for sports and your mom’s ability to recognize there are far more important things than sports. ;)  I hope you inherit your dad’s knack for remaining cool, calm, and collected under pressure, but also your mom’s passion and fervor.  I hope you inherit your dad’s love for history and your mom’s love for math and science.  I hope you inherit your dad’s uncanny ability to remember facts, specific events, and quotations and your mom’s ability to recount special moments and meaningful memories.  I hope you inherit you dad’s sense of humor and just a little of your mom’s sarcasm.  I hope you grow up in the church and recognize the importance of faith.  I hope you understand the significance of helping others, fighting for what you believe in, and honoring your family.  I hope you remain hopeful in times of sadness and learn from your mistakes.  I hope you find happiness and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.  I hope you learn that life isn’t always easy, but it will be an amazing journey and it’s always worth living.

Most of all, I hope you know how much you are loved, how much we wanted you and prayed for you, and how happy and proud you make us.  You may be one person in this vast world, but to us, you are the world.

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