Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our WTF Appointment

After IVF 1 failed, we had a follow up appointment with the RE (what many IVFers refer to as the WTF appointment).  He thought things had gone well from my perspective and wanted to keep the same protocol for IVF 2.  He explained that because embryo development looked great until day 3 and slowed down after, there may be a problem with the sperm.  Apparently, an embryo failing to develop really early on is indicative of egg problems, whereas an embryo arresting after day 3 is indicative of sperm issues.  As a result, the RE recommended a 3 day transfer for IVF 2.  He said sometimes embryos just do better in vivo as opposed to in the lab.  He also mentioned that sperm quality can vary quite a bit among vials and he hoped that the vial used for IVF 2 would contain higher quality sperm.  Finally, he said that we could begin IVF 2 right away.  I knew I just wasn’t ready.  I was still so heartbroken and wanted to be in the right state of mind for the next IVF.  I wanted to give my mind and body time to heal.  I decided we’d wait at least a month before going through IVF again.
I should also mention that we're lucky enough to live in a state that requires insurance companies to cover IVF.  There are exceptions and limitations to coverage.  I think it's absurd that not every state requires insurance companies to cover IVF.

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