Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

What a busy weekend!  I didn’t even have a chance to do Friday Favorites.  I always hate returning to work after a 3 day weekend…  It’s such a letdown.  And let’s not even talk about how the next holiday isn’t until Thanksgiving!  Gah!  On a positive note, the Pumpkin Spice Latte has returned at Starbucks… woohoo!

Weekend recap:

Friday was relatively uneventful.  I worked half the day, dropped off some clothes at a local consignment shop, and grabbed lunch with my mom.  I never understand these resale places.  How do they decide what they want and what they don’t?  I have nice clothes in great condition that are still in style and I have no idea why they didn’t want a couple of the items I dropped off.  It annoys me.

Saturday, we attended a 60th birthday party for one of my former colleagues, Larry.  We’ve always been incredibly close.  Partly because Larry reminds me a lot of my dad and partly because we were temp employees for far too long.  Our managers wanted to hire us on, but didn’t get the proper permissions until Larry and I had been temporary employees for a year.  There was a lot of red tape and ridiculousness, but Larry and I stuck it out.  We were officially hired April 1 (as in April Fool’s Day– how fitting).  I eventually left the company and called Larry before giving my notice to tell him of my plans.  He was the only one I cared to tell and the only one who’s opinion mattered.  We’ve since kept in touch and even write letters… snail mail letters, not email!  That’s how special he is. J  Larry is one of those people who can do no wrong in my eyes – you know how there are some people you just click with and you’ll always be there for them?  He’s one of those people and he’ll always be very dear to me.  Anyway, back to the party.  It was lots of fun and it was great to see a few other former colleagues.  Delicious Filipino food and good company.  Larry also happens to live right on a lake and there’s a ton of boat traffic that passes by.  Someone had placed a large ‘Happy Birthday Larry’ sign on the dock, so nearly every group of boaters that passed by shouted “Happy Birthday!”.  I think baby W got a kick out of it.

Sunday, A and I attended our first Indian wedding.  I love experiencing other cultures’ celebrations.  I find the traditions and customs fascinating and this wedding certainly didn’t disappoint.  The ceremony included several Hindu rituals, which were conducted in Sanskrit, but the program described each one in English, which was very helpful and considerate.  I loved the Saris… absolutely gorgeous.  A asked me if I were to wear one, what color would it be?  I said red – my favorite color.  I wonder if the colors have any meaning?  Anyway, we enjoyed the beautiful hotel, cocktails, hors devours, and dinner.  I was worried the Indian food might be too spicy, but it was mild and very tasty.  A great event and I always love <rare> dates with my husband!  It was also wonderful to see how happy and proud the families of the bride and groom were.  I haven’t uploaded any pictures yet, but hope to share a few of them when I do.

Monday, was cleaning day.  I know the whole idea behind Labor Day is to not have to labor, but my mom had been after me for ages to clean out my bedroom.  Admittedly, it was a complete disaster.  It never gets cleaned because I focus on the main floor since that’s where we spend most of our time and that’s also what guests see.  My mom even volunteered to help.  Sidenote: I think she secretly enjoys cleaning.  I remember her vacuuming almost every day when I was a kid and we didn’t even have pets.  So we started working at 3ish and still weren’t done by 7.  We did take a couple breaks, but STILL.  Most of our efforts were centered on cleaning out my closet.  I’m embarrassed I let it get as bad as it did.  Never again.  Never again.  Now I want to clean out the rest of the house, but I have to finish the bedroom first.  These pictures aren't the best, but you can definitely see a huge difference.  Also note that it was dark outside when I took the second set of pictures!


I think that sums it up.  Oh, one more thing.  When we celebrated Baby W’s 8 month birthday, 2 weeks ago, he had no teeth.  Now, he is working on a third!  Crazy!!!

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