Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baby W is 10 months old... and life lately...

Lots on my mind, lots going on so pardon me while I ramble…

Baby W turned 10 months old on Sunday.  10 months!  That’s crazy.  Here’s his 10 month post:

Happy 10 months!! Wow, double digits. This past month was one of my favorites.  I think I say that every time.  You grew so much - both physically and cognitively.  At 9 months, you were crawling, but now, you are crawling all over the place and fast.  We can’t take our eyes off of you and have to use baby gates throughout the house.  You started pulling yourself up to standing and you’d much rather stand than sit these days.  Of course, booboos and ouchies accompany this milestone and you’ve already gotten a couple. L  You love when we hold your hands and help you “walk” through the house.  You also love when we help you chase Addie.  It’s nearly impossible to change your diaper lately… you roll over and start to crawl away no matter how many toys we have on hand to distract you.  Is it too soon to potty train? J  You babble and say dada, mama, and up quite often, but I don’t think you understand what these words mean just yet.  You clap, wave, give high five, and raise your arms to make the touchdown sign.  You love pulling off people’s glasses (especially daddy’s), pulling hair (mom’s), and your favorite song is currently Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (I think it may have taken the place of the beloved Cookie Monster song).  You’ve gotten quite a few giggles when you try to “sing” during church.  We’ve been trying to transition you to table foods, but you just aren’t a fan – you seem to be very sensitive to texture.  We’ll keep trying.  You can’t eat purees forever, right?  We’ve had so much fun taking you to pumpkin farms and going on family walks this month.  You bring us so much joy every day.  You are our everything and more, little man.

A has CF clinic today.  I always get a little nervous when he goes.  I get even more nervous when I can’t be with him (like today).  Hoping for good results and a good report.  Extra prayers for him, please.  The last CF clinic did not go well... but not for health related reasons.  A was annoyed that the staff seems to constantly try to change his meds despite A having no major issues and good results.  I complained about the horrible survey they sent out and they seemed very taken aback by my interpretation of the survey.  AND there’s this social worker there.  She means well and she’s nice, BUT she looks so young.  I should’ve prefaced this by saying that during CF clinic, A meets with the nurse, doctor, dietician, and social worker – it’s the standard protocol.  Anyway, back to the social worker.  When I first met her, she asked who I was.  I’ve been going with A to CF clinic for almost 10 years now… and also who the heck else would I be other than his wife?!?  Furthermore, I don’t think either one of us feel comfortable sharing our fears and concerns with someone who looks like she should be in high school.

A and I met with a new RE last night!!  I LOVED him.  Now the big question remains… When do we do IVF again?  We’re waiting to find out what exactly will be covered by insurance and that will be a major deciding factor.  But if the majority of IVF is covered by insurance, then when?  I had an arbitrary date chosen.  BUT the new RE’s confidence is causing me to question that date.  I know that confidence is a good thing, but now I’m reconsidering the timing.  The new RE was very assured and even thought it was quite likely we could have twins.  That totally threw me off… we were thinking about IVF next year - maybe even spring time because we figured there was a good possibility it would take multiple attempts to be successful.  I wasn’t even thinking twins.  If we have another baby, we absolutely have to move.  I know people think I’m ridiculous and unreasonable when I say that, but we’re out of space.  I refuse to add another person to our current house.  I discussed that in a previous post.  Now I have no idea what to do.  The previous RE was also really confident/optimistic and our first cycle failed – I know there’s still a good possibility the next cycle won’t work, but I guess I wasn’t expecting the new doctor to be so positive?  Last night I had decided that we would wait before undergoing another round of IVF.  Today, I’ve decided we’ll go with the original plan.  Uggh.  Obviously I have lots of thinking and considering to do… I should mention that A seems to be on board with whatever – he’s so easy going.  I’m not trying to leave him out by saying ‘I’m deciding’, it’s just that he doesn’t seem to have strong opinions on when the next IVF should take place, whereas I’m much more anxious/analytical/worried/stressed about the topic.
My car said it was 33 degrees this morning.  Umm what?!?!  I am NOT ready for winter.  I am not ready for my beloved autumn to leave.  BUT with winter comes the end of road construction…. Hmm.  At least that’s one positive.
I have a business dinner tonight.  I also have a sore throat and a pimple the size of Mt. Rushmore.  I’ve never seen Mt Rushmore, but it’s big, right?  Yeah, 32 years old and still dealing with pimples.  Not. Cool. L  Nothing says business professional like a huge bump…. Whaaaaa.  How embarrassing.  Okay, I know there are far worse things in life so I’ll shut up about that.

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