Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Thoughts...

  • Traffic was actually decent today!  It’s a Monday morning miracle!  Holla!
  • Posting too many political links i.e. anti Obama links on FB makes you seem crazy.  I get it that no one likes the government shut down and it’s ok to disagree with certain policies, opinions, laws, etc.  But seeing one link after another on my news feed only makes me think you have nothing better to do than Google senseless, far-fetched conspiracy theories.  I’m going to have to hide you soon.
  • I can’t get enough fall.  I LOVE pumpkin patches, apple cider, corn mazes, apple donuts, chili, cool weather, scarves, colorful leaves…
  • I would like to take a minute to remind my dear coworkers that I am not a software help desk.  One of my tasks at work is to oversee a certain software program.  I’ve learned a great deal about said software, but I’m not an expert.  Really.  I’m not.  There is a link within the software that gives you access to a Customer Support Portal and there are also many people out there who do actually work for the software company and can answer questions.  I am not one of them.  Really.  I’m not.  Ahhhh.
  • I’m all for breast cancer support, awareness, research, walks, etc.  But not wearing a bra on October 15 to support breast cancer awareness??  I’m going to have to pass on that one.  Besides, if you ask me, it makes more sense to wear a bra… you know, to show support.  Hmmm… maybe a guy came up with this idea?
  • I HATE when people write “should of, could of, would of”.  It’s not ‘of’; it’s ‘have’!!  Come on, people!  Think of the abbreviation… should’ve.  The ‘ve’ is NOT an abbreviation for of.
  • Baby W was super cute this past weekend (who am I kidding – he’s always cute).  He knows how to raise his arms to show touchdown and then he claps.  He also ate a little wheat toast and scrambled eggs.  We’ve been having trouble transitioning him to table food so it was a major victory.


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