Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let's Eat!

Not a whole lot to report here…

DA Bears!!  I think I’ve mentioned that A and I are big sports fans.  It’s a rare occurrence when our team travels to the land of cheese and returns with a victory.  What a game last night!!  And Baby W insisted on wearing his Bears onesie to bed… no really, he did. J  He’s already a sports fan.

This weekend, A and I got to go out on a little date to celebrate our anniversary while W played with his cousins.  A good time was had by all.  A and I were hoping to see a movie, but couldn’t find one that we really wanted to see at a time that worked for us.  We did have a yummy lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, though.  Love that restaurant!  Afterwards, we took a drive through the spot where we had our wedding photos taken.  It was gorgeous.


I was starting to get extremely worried because W would not eat table foods or anything with texture.  He would either immediately spit out the food or chew and then spit out.  Some foods he seemed to like, he would chew, but then he wouldn’t swallow.  We’ve tried so many different things – from the textured Stage 3 baby foods to mashed fruits to grilled cheese.  I Googled these behaviors (first mistake) and read that they could be a sign of autism or speech problems.  Cue panic.  I contemplated making a doctor’s appointment.  I’d brought up my concern at W’s 9 month appointment and our pediatrician didn’t seem overly concerned.  He said to just keep trying and that some babies take a little longer to adjust to table foods.  Well, I’m not sure what happened this weekend, but W became an eating machine.  I feel like we had a major breakthrough.  He ate chicken (cannot.get.enough), carrots, noodles, yogurt, and mac and cheese.  I’m so relieved by his progress.  I know I worry too much, but I guess that’s what moms do.  I’m looking forward to giving him more foods to try.

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