Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

I’ve been slacking on Friday Favorites.  I don’t have any great new finds to share.  I’ve always loved clothes and dressing up, but lately I’ve been feeling extremely frumpy and just blah overall.  During my pregnancy, I gained about 45-50 pounds.  It was more than I wanted to gain and more than I expected to gain, but I ate really well and tried to be healthy.  I didn’t really indulge and didn’t have any cravings.  I was very worried about Gestational Diabetes (for no good reason other than I have a sweet tooth) and as a result, I was super careful about what I ate.  I think much of my weight gain was due to major swelling at the end of my pregnancy.  Even the nurses at the hospital remarked on how extremely swollen my ankles were.  After W arrived, I lost at least 35 lbs in about 2 weeks.  A few months later, I weighed less than my pre-pregnancy weight.  It was awesome!!  Thank you, nursing!  But since I’ve stopped nursing, I’ve gained back about 5 lbs and I’m currently right at my pre-pregnancy weight.  All this to say that I’m finding it hard to be comfortable in my own skin… all the up and down weight.  I’m just not feeling cute.  So I decided that this Friday, I was going to put in a little more effort.  I was going to choose a cute outfit and try a new hair style.  Well, the new hair style was an epic fail.  I should’ve known that “beachy waves” were a bad idea.  I mean the only beach near me is Lake Michigan and my beach hair looked more like “went to bed with wet hair and woke up with one big mess” hair.  I can see how the beachy hair could work for some, but I have waaay too much hair for that.  I’m giving myself credit for trying!  A for effort.  My outfit isn’t anything special, but I at least look put together.  I picked out a fun, bright necklace to contrast this dreary day.  I love the color of my cardigan – the pea green just screams fall to me.  I don’t normally wear boots because I think they make me look short and chubby, but these seemed to add even more of a fall feel.  And Fridays are the only day I can wear jeans to work, so I wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass me by.  So my favorite thing this Friday… putting a little more effort into my style. :)

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