Friday, June 5, 2015

Baby S is 4 Months Old!

Happy 4 months, S!

This past month was quite an eventful one and probably my favorite month to date. J  You started laughing.  We haven’t gotten too many laughs just yet, but what a sweet sound it is when you giggle.  Big brother has made you laugh more than anyone else.  You’re trying hard to roll over, but haven’t quite made it.  You love to grab on to various objects and bring them to your mouth.  You also enjoy being outside – laying on a blanket or going for a walk in the stroller.

You are currently in size 3 diapers.  You’ve worn clothing in various sizes from 6 mos to 12 mos.  You typically sleep 7-8 hours at a time, but have slept as many as 10 hours straight.  You’re still taking a bottle every 2-3 hours and typically consume about 36 ounces of milk.  You gave up your pacifier long ago.

You were baptized this month and were a perfect gentleman throughout the mass and baptism.  Not a tear was shed and your continuous smiles even had Father commenting on what a happy baby you are.  You really are such a joy.

The three words people often use to describe you are: happy, big, and strong.  You give smiles freely to nearly everyone you meet.  You love to be talked to and soak up attention.  You are a big guy, but mainly, you are a tall baby with a very long torso.  At 4 months, you can already wear 12 month onesies.  You’re also incredibly strong.  You love to stand and stretch your legs.  You also love to sit up straight.  You’ve tested both the Bumbo seat and Exersaucer and are a fan of both, though you’re still a bit young and unstable for them (we keep a close eye on you).

One additional thing to note is the special bond you have with your brother.  To him, you are never just S, you are always his Baby S.  You follow him with your eyes, smile when he’s near, and laugh at his silliness.  You adore him.  And although he’s recently been telling us to take you to doggy day care, it’s evident that he loves you too.  He brings you toys, asks to hold you, and comforts you when you’re upset (and you instantly stop crying as soon as he talks to you).  There have also been a couple instances where your brother started crying and you burst into tears upon hearing him.  Though I know you’ll wrestle and argue over toys as brothers do, I hope your special bond remains always.

You are our everything and more, Baby S.

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