Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend… where to begin?  We were busy, busy.  There was nothing spectacular that occurred, but it was still a great weekend.

Friday, I got an oil change and new brakes for my car.  Lordy, brakes are expensive.  What a depressing purchase!  The dealer kindly offered me a rental car, free of charge so I didn’t have to wait for several hours while the maintenance was performed on my car.  I expected the worst, but got a brand new 2015 Ford Edge.  I was in love.  I think I want something with a third row of seats for my next car, but if I go with two rows of seats, I want a Ford Edge!!  Makes me wonder what other cars are out there that I never considered, but might actually like!

That afternoon, my mom called and asked if we’d be willing to go to dinner with her at a local Mexican restaurant because she really had a taste for Mexican food.  I LOVE Mexican food so I didn’t hesitate to respond yes.  The boys are usually great when we’re out for dinner, but I guess they weren’t digging the Mexican restaurant.  S was fussy and W repeated “NOOOO!!” and “Yuckyyyy!!” over and over.  Never mind that he didn’t actually TRY his hamburger and French fries.

Saturday was a haircut for me, outside time for the boys, and the Blackhawks game.  Our Hawks won… yay!!  A friend who is moving to Florida asked if she could stop over to say goodbye – only problem was she couldn’t make it over until after 8.  S was asleep by 8 so W and I waited for Kati on our little porch.  We had the best time sitting together and watching the rain fall.  It was also great to see Kati before she left.

Sunday was church, Starbucks, and groceries.  W has been impatient in church lately.  I know he’s 2, but this is new for him.  He continually says “church all done” and “W go bye bye”.  He also loudly announced that he needed a diaper change and had poop.  I'm sure our church friends enjoyed the announcement. While grocery shopping, W dropped his cup and juice spilled all over the floor… fun times.  A announced that he wanted to try a new recipe.  Umm, what?!?  I don’t think A has ever uttered those words.  He invited my mom over and we had chicken with a lime/ginger/garlic marinade and boiled potatoes.  It was summery and delicious.  A needs to try new recipes more often!!  After dinner, A, my mom, the boys, Addie, and myself all went for a long walk – the perfect end to our weekend. J

In other news, I discovered S’mores Oreos and they are pretty much life changing.  Ok, maybe not, but they’re good.

And this boy.  I can't even handle his cuteness...

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