Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Thoughts

A brought the boys to my work yesterday and my coworkers loved seeing them.  After visiting, A, the boys, and I all went out for lunch and had a great time.  We even stopped at the mall play area and let W burn off some energy.  Fun, fun.  Have I mentioned I LOVE summer??

We have offices on the first, third, fifth, and sixth floor in our building.  I work on the third floor and the Mother’s Room in on the fifth floor.  As a result, I take the elevator quite a few times each day.  Every single day, someone gets off on the wrong floor because they aren’t paying attention.  It amazes me how often this happens.  The door opens and I watch as someone gets off, then scurries back on.  It’s quite amusing.

I asked A what he wanted for Father’s Day.  His answer – to take me on a date.  Awww.  So we’re going to a movie and an early dinner.  I can’t wait!!

One of my new favorite things to do is sit on the porch with W before bed.  We watch the black doggie across the street bark at anything and everything, we talk about the day, we say hello to neighbors out for a late walk, we enjoy each other’s company.  I hope W is never too old to sit and enjoy a nice summer night with mommy.

We’re considering taking both boys to the zoo on Saturday.  Eek.  I hope it goes well.  This summer, I’m all about making memories.  Lots of fun plans in the works now that W is a bit more independent and seems to like going places.

Right after I had purchased a diaper bag, I discovered Lily Jade diaper bags.  I was in love, but couldn’t justify spending money on a bag when I had just purchased one.  I drooled over the Lily Jade bags for a few months – they were stylish, well made, leather, and had TONS of pockets, but still, I didn’t NEED one.  Well when I received my bonus at the beginning of the year and it was a little more than I expected, I decided to treat myself.  I purchased the Lily Jade Caroline bag and it’s been love ever since.  Now A and I each have a bag (though he almost always grabs my LJ).  Highly recommend!

Check out that mess in the background... real life, people.

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