Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was so full of highs and lows, ups and downs.  It got off to a bad start Friday night when W fell down the stairs.  We have an uncarpeted wooden staircase leading to our upstairs.  W was walking down with A right behind him and he stumbled.  Definitely one of my scariest mom moments.  I kept asking him what hurt.  He wound up with a bump on his head, but was otherwise ok, thankfully.  I told him he needed to wait for mommy or daddy to help him down the stairs.  That obviously made a big impact because I found him heading down the stairs with four blankets in hand the following day.  Uggh.

Saturday was lots of fun.  S had his 4 month check up in the morning.  He weighs in at 18 lbs, 7.5 oz and is 25 and ¾ in long.  95th and 75th percentile, respectively.  He’s a big, healthy boy. J  He received 2 vaccinations, but hardly cried.  After that, we headed to a local festival - Redhead Days so W and S could mingle with their fellow red heads.  It was fun to see so much red hair in one place and we had people asking to take pictures of the boys. J  Nani and Papa joined us at the festival and we found a casual restaurant for lunch.  The boys napped in the car on the way home.  W spent much of the afternoon playing outside and S was a cranky boy – likely a reaction to his shots.  We finished the day with W and I heading out to pick up ice cream.  Fun, fun!

 Sunday was our usual.  W didn’t sleep well at all.  He woke up after a nightmare and wouldn’t even get back in bed.  Poor guy was inconsolable so we brought him back to our bed.  S slept a total of 12!! hours with only one wake up.  Before we even headed to church, W had gotten 3 time outs.  I had to laugh at church as W was whining, Kaylee was getting scolded, Ben was crying, and Wallace and Ginny had to be taken to the lobby.  The only happy child was S.  It was just an off day for everyone.  The day continued with tantrums from W.  I asked him what was wrong several times, asked if his ears or throat were hurting.  No.  He was just grouchy and unhappy – even after a nap.  I actually yelled at him – something I very rarely do.  But after he threw a car and it hit me in the leg, I’d had enough.  Bed time could not come soon enough.  On the bright side, he slept all night and seemed to be in good spirits this morning.  But wow, what a long day.

P.S.  I finally got around to adding pictures to the previous post. :)

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