Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First Night Away from S

As you can probably figure out by the title, I’m spending my first night away from Baby S.  At first I was all, yes!! sleep!!  But holy moly what a hassle it has quickly become.

A little background info:  My colleagues are in town from Germany and Ireland.  We have a work outing planned for tonight that consists of an architectural tour on the Chicago River and dinner downtown.  I’m spending the night in the city and tomorrow, I have meetings all day in Chicago.  I’m looking forward to some adult time.  BUT preparing for this ONE night has been a fiasco. First, I didn’t want to drive because driving in Chicago and trying to find parking – blah.  Also, the Blackhawks are playing for the Stanley Cup (Go Hawks!!) so I was worried that traffic would be a nightmare tomorrow.  My colleague suggested that I drive to work and catch a ride into the city with her, but I didn’t want to leave my car in the parking lot overnight.  So A offered to leave school and drive me to the train station so I could take the train in.  One problem solved.

Then I had to consider pumping arrangements.  First, I had to find a place to pump between meetings on Wednesday.  Then, I had to make sure my hotel room had a refrigerator.  I had to bring enough storage bags for 2 days and a cooler.  Not to mention the pump and parts.  I also had to make sure I left enough milk for S.  Uggh.

And finally packing an overnight bag.  Seems easy enough, but I HATE packing. 

Geesh.  All that and I probably forgot something and won’t be able to sleep. Ha!

Nani very kindly offered to have W spend the night at her house so hopefully S goes easy on A while I’m away. J  I’ll miss the boys, but I’m going to try to enjoy my free night.

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