Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baby S is 3 Months Old

Happy 3 months, Baby S!

You continue to be the sweetest, happiest baby.  When you wake in the morning or after nap, you are all smiles.  One of my favorite things is greeting you when you wake up because I’m sure to get an enormous grin. J  Speaking of waking, you moved from sleeping in our room to sleeping in your crib this month.  The first few nights, you were waking after 5-6 hours, but you’re back to sleeping 7-9.5 hours straight, having a bottle, and going back to sleep for at least a couple hours.  You are a rock star sleeper.  You take a long nap in the morning, but afternoon naps are inconsistent.  You’ll usually take a couple 30 minute naps.  I’m hoping to get you on a better schedule this month.

 You still eat a lot – 5 to 6 ounces every 2 to 3 hours during the day.  I’m not very good at keeping track of the total you’re consuming, but I think it’s about 35 ounces per day.  You’re in mostly 3-6 month clothing, but have worn size 9 months recently and even wore a 12 month onesie.

You still love baths and you like being talked to.  You enjoy being around people, my social boy.  You like walks in the stroller and you seem to like to be outside… as long as it’s not too hot and the sun isn’t in your eyes.  You adore your brother.  Any time he’s nearby, you watch him and smile.  You’ve discovered your hands and like to chomp on them.  You’ve also started holding toys for short periods of time and grabbing mom’s hair (and you have quite a grip – ouch!).

 You’ve become a lot more aware of your surroundings this month and loud noises seem to startle you more – dad’s cheering during sports games and W’s yells have resulted in jumps and tears from you.

The only things you really dislike are your car seat, tummy time, nail trims, and hats.  Every time I put a hat on your head you’ll shake your head back and forth. J

We had another fabulous month and time continues to fly by.  You’re such a wonderful addition to our family – it’s as if you were always meant to be with us.  You are our everything and more, S.

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