Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Randoms

W slept through the night!!  I feel SO much better!!  Gosh, I really needed a good night of sleep!  What a difference a day sleep can make.

W got out of the bath last night and asked to sit on the potty.  He then went potty on the potty!!  So so proud of him.

The S’mores Frappuccino is wonderful.  Panera’s Frozen Lemonade is also amazing.  I’m not sure what’s with me and my love for specialty drinks, but I wish I could make a meal out of them!

I miss having girl friends.  That sounds weird.  Let me explain.  At one point, I had a really close group of friends.  There were 4 of us and I likened our group to the girls of SATC… only we were a lot more boring and a lot less stylish.  Ha. ;)  Anyway, we had fun together.  And it was great because at least one of us was usually available for shopping, dinner, drinks, etc.  It seemed like our group dissolved when I got pregnant with W.  One friend who was battling infertility stopped talking to me and another friend seemed to distance herself after I had W.  My other girl friend and I are still close – she’s stuck with me.  I’ve known her husband for nearly 10 years, I’m her daughter’s Godmother and she’ll be baby S’s Godmother.  So yeah, not going anywhere. J  But I miss the group.  I could say the same for my college friends.  We grew apart.  I still keep in contact with one of them, but there were about 10 of us who were close.  I know it happens.  But I currently find myself with few girl friends and it makes me sad… Maybe what I really need is mom friends.  Mom friends who like to shop and enjoy margaritas!!

I’m no fashion expert, but there are a couple things that make me cringe.  Visible bra straps while wearing a sleeveless dress… shudder.  Socks with sandals… shudder.  Neither is acceptable in my book.

I came in to work to find yellow tulips on my desk and bagels and strawberries for breakfast proving once again that I have the BEST colleagues!  Love them!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  Those ladies who are still trying/hoping/praying for a baby are in my heart.

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