Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gifts for Baby S

Dear S,

I know it may seem like you’ve gotten all of your brother's hand-me-downs.  From the crib, to clothes, to toys, most of your items have already been used and loved.  But you, my dear, have been the recipient of some very meaningful, generous gifts.  And if there comes a time when you’re feeling not so special or less extraordinary, I wanted to have a reminder of the kindness and generosity displayed solely for you. *

Before you were born, Grandma G gifted us with the rocking chair in your room.  That rocking chair is a perfect fit and we use it every single day.  We snuggle.  We read.  We rock.  I take so many pictures of you on that chair – it’s just right for sitting you up.

Nani made the blanket we covered you with the day we brought you home.  That blanket also appears in your hospital and newborn photos.  The colors match your room perfectly.  Additionally, Nani finds a special outfit for you for every holiday.  Your sweet Valentine’s Day, St. Pat’s Day, Easter, and Independence Day attire all came from Nani.

You received the cutest clothes from mommy’s coworkers and Nani and Papa’s friends.  All were completely unexpected and appreciated.  It was nice to have new outfits just for you.

Grandma G's cousin, Barbara, knitted you a special blanket.  She even found out how your room was decorated and got grandma to divulge your name so that she could design a special blanket just for you.

You also received a special outfit from one of Mommy’s colleagues in Connecticut and from Aunt Nancy in Florida.

You received an embroidered blanket with your name and birthdate from the Chief Medical Officer at mommy’s company.

A very special gift arrived from Aunt Lori in Maryland.  She found a vintage ISU jacket ages ago and was waiting for the perfect person to send it to.  That special person was you.  I adore that jacket and can’t wait for you to wear it one day.

And one of my all-time favorite gifts – a rugby shirt straight from Ireland came from mommy’s colleague in Dublin.  Mommy is proud of her (and your) Irish heritage.  It’s why big brother has an Irish middle name and why your middle name also has Irish connections.  I’m so excited for you to wear your authentic rugby shirt.

Mommy also received a care package from Germany in celebration of your arrival – so very thoughtful.

So if there comes a time when you feel like you’re just following in your brother’s footsteps, remember how loved you are.  Remember how important and one-of-a-kind and celebrated you are.

*I feel like I need a disclaimer indicating that things and stuff do not make you special, but the innate qualities you possess do.  Mainly, I just want you to know that you were equally celebrated and admired and I so appreciate the kindness displayed in your honor. :)

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