Monday, August 25, 2014

IVF #3 - June

6/2/2014 - This weekend was nothing short of amazing.  I decided to take a hpt on Friday morning - 5dp5dt.  I had one expired FRER test left over from W so I figured why not take it, it was going to go in the trash anyway.  I took and it was negative.  Clearly negative.  I was disappointed, but I knew it was really early. I set the test aside and went about my day.  That night, I went to throw the test away and noticed an extremely faint second line.  So faint, you had to squint to see it, but it was there.  I wasn't sure what that meant.  Could there still be hcg in my system from the trigger?  The test was way expired so maybe it wasn't working?  It was several hours past the time I was supposed to read it so I knew it wasn't accurate.

I decided to take another test on Saturday morning (6dp5dt).  Took the test and it was positive!!!  Faint, but definitely positive.  I decided I'd take another the following day and then tell A.  I wanted to make sure these results were real and I hoped the line would be a little darker.  That same day, A and I found out that our offer for a house was accepted!!!  I couldn't believe it.  So much good news in one day!!

Sunday morning, 7dp5dt, I took another test.  Faint positive.  But it wasn't darker than my previous test and I was worried.  It actually looked like the line was lighter.  Everything I read on Google (big mistake) said this was a bad sign.  I was worried and decided I'd take another test that night (a little crazy, yes).  Sunday night, another test.  Clearly positive and much darker than the morning's test.

I'm happy and excited, but still nervous.  I know we have a LONG way to go.  Blood test is tomorrow.  Hoping for good numbers. :)

6/3/2014 - Today was my blood test!  I'm awaiting results and hoping the numbers look good.  I asked the clinic to leave a detailed message so that A and I could hear the results together.  If they're not good, I want him nearby and if they are good, well, I want him to hear the news when I do.  I'm nervous!  And I continue to hate those stupid PIO shots.  Last night's hurt.  I actually cried. :(

6/4/2014 - I received two phone calls from the clinic yesterday.  That made me nervous.  Why would they call twice?  I specifically told them I wanted to listen to the results with my husband.  I waited all day to listen to those messages, wondering what the numbers were, hoping they were good.  Finally, I arrived home at 5:45 and A and I listened to the message immediately.  "Congratulations, your test came back positive.  Please give us a call back."  That was it.  No numbers.  No details.  I was so so disappointed.  The next message just asked that I call back.  It was such a let down after waiting all day, expecting to hear the hcg levels.  So I called first thing this morning and got ahold of a nurse right away.  My hcg level was 120 at 9dp5dt.  The nurse said they wanted it to be over 50 so good news!  Such a relief.  I go back Friday to have my hcg level checked again.  Hopefully, that number doubles.

6/11/2014 - Friday (6/6/2014), I went in for another blood draw.  When the clinic hadn't called my 1:00 pm, I was nervous.  Doesn't the good news always come early in the day and they bad news late?  That's been my experience.  So by 3:30 I was scared out of my mind that something was wrong.  The clinic closed by 4 so I decided to call them just after 3:30.  All was good and my hcg level was 370.  I was so relieved.  I don't go back until 6/23/14, which seems like forever.  In the meantime, I've been traveling for work, fighting allergies or a cold, and I'm worn out. :P

6/12/2014 - So it already happened.  The administrative assistant asked if I was wearing a loose shirt for a reason.  I'm 5 weeks.  5.  It's sooo early.  And I wasn't ready for that question.  I simply said no and walked away as quickly as possible.  I think I'm mostly bloated because of the progesterone shots (which still suck), but  Also for documentation sake, I had "symptoms" throughout the two week wait - lower back pain, mild cramping, bloating.  But these could have easily been progesterone related.  The two biggest signs that I was pregnant were more noticeable veins and an overall achy feeling.  I had that achy feeling while I was pregnant with W.

6/25/2014 - I don't even know where to begin.  I haven't updated in awhile.  A was hospitalized, I had an awful business trip, life has been stressful.  But things are well with baby W #2.  I had an ultrasound on Monday (6/23) and we were able to see one baby and baby's heartbeat.  It was wonderful and exciting.  It's still very early so I'm trying not to get too excited, but I'm happy.  And I have an end date for those yucky PIO shots!  3 weeks and counting!!  Oh, that reminds me... I had to give myself a shot when A was in the hospital.  Incredibly difficult and painful.  But I survived.  Anyway, I continue to be achy, tired, and a little nauseous, but I actually like it because it's a reminder that I'm pregnant. <3

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