Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Preparing for IVF #3 - May (Part 1)

5/1/2014 - This week has been particularly tough.  One of my good friends suffered a brain hemorrhage on Tuesday.  Thank God he remains stable.  Then Wednesday brought the news that my RE will be out of town while I'm in the middle of IVF.  I cried yesterday while talking to A about everything.  I also talked to a friend about the IVF situation.  I purposely don't tell anyone when we're going through IVF - it's a personal journey and it puts less pressure on me.  But I'm glad I confided in my friend.  She was so supportive and I'm thankful she called me to talk through everything.  She has two little ones - 1 and 2 years old so I know how incredibly busy she is.  It means a lot to me that she took time out of her day to listen to me vent.  She and A brought up some very good points.  She told me if my gut was telling me to postpone IVF, then I should definitely wait.  An excellent point since I always give people the same advice. :)  Honestly, I don't feel in my heart that we should wait.  Everything is set - medications are in hand; all procedures are complete; I've been on birth control in preparation for this IVF cycle.  For the most part, I feel ready.  Both she and A pointed out that my doctor will oversee the protocol and will be there for transfer.  The lab will be responsible for fertilization and monitoring the growth of our embryos.  So the only thing the new doctor will be responsible for (assuming all goes according to plan) is the retrieval.  And in my previous two IVFs, retrieval has always gone smoothly.  So we'll go ahead with our IVF plans.  I'm still really disappointed and frustrated.   I'm frustrated that the doctor is going to be gone 5 days.  Why did those days have to fall during MY cycle?  And to be completely honest, I'm wondering/worried that these happenings are signs that I should wait on IVF. But then again, is there ever a perfect time?  No.

5/6/2014 - Baseline ultrasound and blood draw complete.  I have a total of 29 antral follicles.  Plan is to start injections on Saturday (5/10/14).  I won't receive instructions until Friday, which seems weird to me.  I'll have to bring my meds to San Fran - hope the TSA doesn't give me a hard time.  And I'm not exactly sure what meds to bring. :\  Also, I started on low dose aspirin and prenatal vitamins.

5/7/2014 - I was super nervous about taking injectable medication on the airplane.  I had a doctor's note, but was still preparing for the worst while going through security.  I had images of being detained and patted down.  The process could not have gone smoother.  No questions asked.  Easy.

5/10/2014 - Started injections!!!  I didn't hear from my nurse until today and I was freaking.the.heck.out.  I am a planner.  I wanted to know ahead of time what exactly my protocol entailed.  Waiting until the last minute had me super worried - I thought something was wrong.  ANYWAY.  I'm starting with 300 iu of follistim.  That's all for now.  Making the injection was strange.  I pointed the needle at my tummy and said something along the lines of "I can't believe we're doing this again".  I had a very brief moment of panic... one that comes with preparing to stick a needle in one's self.  It's just unnatural.  But it all went smoothly.  Here we go again.

5/11/2014 - 300 iu of follistim

5/12/2014 - Went in for blood work.  Was told to do 300 iu follistim and 7 units of low dose HCG.  The HCG injection really hurt.  The needle seems bigger.  Ouch.

5/13/2014 - 300 iu of follistim and 7 units of low dose HCG.  Feeling a bit bloated and sore (already?!?!?  I don't remember feeling this way so soon).  HCG didn't seem to hurt as much.

5/14/2014 - Went in for blood work and ultrasound today.  It took FOREVER.  I was there an hour - 30 minutes in the waiting room.  Uggh.  I'm frustrated.  I HATE being late for work.  I haven't told anyone about IVF and I just feel like an unprofessional slacker.  Anyway, all continues to look good - well, except for my arms and tummy which are all bruised.  Tonight, I'll be injecting 450 iu of follistim and 9 units of low dose HCG.

5/15/2014 - 450 iu of follistim, 9 units of low dose HCG, Ganirelix at 10pm.  Also, the medications are making me super emotional. :\  I've always been a bit emotional, but I tear up so easily.  And yesterday I got the overwhelming feeling that this round isn't going to work.  Holy hormones!!  I'm telling myself to be positive and take things one day at a time.

5/16/2014 - Went in for more blood work and ultrasound.  Luckily, I got there early and it didn't take as long.  Things are moving along.  The nurse told me retrieval would be early next week.  Feeling better and less emotional today!  Tonight I'm doing 400 iu follistim, 9 units of low dose HCG, Ganirelix at 10pm.  I was also told my follicle count - I have 3 times as many follicles on my left ovary.  Not sure if that's normal?  Left ovary: 15mm - 1, 14mm - 1, 13mm - 1, 12mm - 3, 11mm - 2, <10mm - several.  Right ovary: 14mm - 1, 12mm - 1, 9mm - 1, <10mm - 4.

5/17/2014 - 400 iu follistim, 9 units of low dose HCG, Ganirelix at 10 pm.  Feeling pretty good!

5/18/2014 - Went in for blood work and ultrasound.  My poor arm really hurts, but otherwise I feel really good.  Not sure if that's a bad sign?  Previously I was bloated and uncomfortable at this point.  Received a phone call from my nurse.  I was told to do one final injection of Follistim - 300 iu and do the HCG trigger at 9 pm.  Retrieval is scheduled for Tuesday 5/20!!!!  A little excited, but nervous!

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