Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So Many Questions

The questions, oh the questions…


How is this pregnancy compared to your first?  Relatively similar.  I think I’ve been more nauseous and achy this time around.  I’m tired all the time and dare I say a bit moodier (sorry hubs), but I really can’t complain.  It’s definitely harder being pregnant and having a toddler because there’s never time to relax.  With my first pregnancy, I was able to get home from work, lay on the couch, watch tv, and go to bed early.  Not so this time around!

Do you have any cravings?  Not really.  I mean sure, there are things that sound yummy, but I’m not oh.my.gosh.I.need.it.now.  I can’t turn down sweets and not a day goes by where I don’t have a few jelly beans or a couple gummy bears.  But I wouldn’t call that a craving… it’s more like dessert.

Are you having twins?  Umm, no.  Thanks for asking.  I’m definitely showing a lot earlier this time around – that’s normal with the second pregnancy thankyouverymuch.

Do you think baby is a boy or a girl?  Because this pregnancy has been similar to my first, my belly looks the same, and my husband’s family mainly produces boys, I think this baby is another boy.  I was right about W and I expect to be right this time. ;)

Also, my sister in law is pregnant with a boy and so is A’s cousin.  We’re all due within 3 months.  It just seems inevitable that we’ll complete the trifecta and add a third boy.  And finally, A’s mom predicted boy and I don’t think she’s ever been wrong.  So there you have it, it’s a boy. :)

Will you find out the gender?  Absolutely.  I like to be able to plan the nursery, choose a name, and all that fun stuff before baby arrives.  I want to be able to tell W if a brother or sister is on the way (not that he’ll know the difference).  It’s still a surprise when we find out, it’s just an earlier surprise and I’m all for that!!

Do you have a preference (regarding gender)?  This question bugs me, but I know people mean no harm.  I do NOT have any preference whatsoever and I think having a preference is a little selfish.  I’m simply grateful that this round of IVF worked.  I’m thankful this baby continues to grow and appears healthy.  I try not to get too religious on the blog since religion is very personal, but I believe God chose THIS baby for me and who am I to question His choice.  Also, there are perks to both.  A boy would be great because W would have a little brother to play with and I’d get to re-use all those adorable boy clothes.  Not to mention, W is the sweetest boy ever.  A girl would be fun because it’d be different and I’d get to experience a mother-daughter relationship… and dresses!

If you have another boy, will you try again for a girl?  I HATE this question and I actually find it offensive.  It implies that if I had two boys, they somehow wouldn’t be good enough and my family wouldn’t be complete without a girl.  There’s no guarantee we’d ever have a girl no matter how many times we “tried”.  If we try again, it will be because we’d like another child and not because we want a specific gender.  I honestly don’t think I’ll go through another round of IVF.  We have two frozen embryos.  If we tried for another baby with those and neither took, I’m fairly certain we would not take any further steps to have more children.

Will you have another C-section?  I’m not sure.  My OB wanted me to think about the options – C-section vs. VBAC.  I’m trying to keep an open mind and I really have no idea which option I will pursue.  I had a very positive experience with my C-section.  Some women have very strong opinions regarding one option or the other and I’m not one of them.  I’m also not interested in hearing those opinions.  This will be a personal decision.

Have you chosen a name?  No.  And if we do decide, I’m not tellin’ anyone! :)  I will say we have the same taste and tend to agree on girls names.  I definitely have a favorite in mind and I think A likes it too.  We do not agree on boys names and will have a hard time choosing one.

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