Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prenatal Testing

During my first pregnancy, I did most of the prenatal testing that was available.  This time around, I planned to do the same.  I like to be prepared and if something was wrong with baby, I wanted to know.  I elected to do the Verifi test this time.  It’s relatively new and wasn’t available during my first pregnancy.  It tests for Trisomy 13, 18, and 21 as well as abnormalities associated with the sex chromosomes.  To be completely honest, the reason I chose this test is because it can tell you baby’s gender.  And it can tell you much earlier than an ultrasound.  For someone with 0 patience, it seemed like a great option.

I had the blood test done two weeks ago.  And for the most part, I was excited and focused on finding out the gender.  And then last week, it hit me.  What if the test results come back abnormal??  And since then, I’ve been freaked out and thinking maybe I shouldn’t have done the test.  I hate waiting for results.  At least with the ultrasound, you know results right away.

So I checked the Verifi website and it says results should arrive back to your healthcare provider in 3-6 days.  What?!?  I’ve waited nearly 2 weeks.  So I finally gathered the courage to call the doctor’s office and ask if the results were in.  The receptionist said she’d have someone call.  My phone rang and I got nervous.  The nurse explained that my results were in, but my doctor would need to review them and she’d have to call me back tomorrow.  My heart can’t take this.  Now I’m wondering if there’s bad news since my doctor needs to review the results. Ugh.  :\

Update:  I wrote this post yesterday afternoon.  I spoke to a nurse this morning and all is well with Baby #2... AND I know baby's gender!!!

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