Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Preparing for IVF #3 - May (Part 2)

5/21/2014 - Retrieval went well!  18 eggs retrieved.  I'm happy with that number.  The staff was great and I felt really good after it was over.  So good that I picked up a few groceries and went to lunch with A.  That's never happened before.  For past retrievals, I've been really sore and out of it afterwards.  By afternoon, though, I wasn't feeling great.  I was very sore and very tired.  Took a nap and felt better, but then got a headache.  Took my meds and Tylenol before bed and woke up feeling great... until I took my antibiotic.  They aren't kidding when they say take with food.  I thought I was going to be sick multiple times on my way to work.  Major nausea ensued  I forced myself to eat a little breakfast and drink some Coke (Coke always make my tummy feel better??) and I was totally fine.  Lesson learned.  Now I await the fertilization report - so so nervous.

5/22/2014 - I received the fertilization report yesterday.  I had 15 mature eggs and 11 were fertilized by ICSI.  So we have 11 embryos.  I was told we'd do a five day transfer.  I explained I was nervous because our embryos tend to stop developing on day 3.  I was told it was very unlikely that all 11 embryos would stop developing.  I then asked if they'd check the embryos on day 3 and if the embryos didn't look good, could we do a 3 or 4 day transfer.  I was told that the embryos wouldn't be checked until day 4 or 5 - that they tried to handle them as little as possible.  That makes sense, but I'm really nervous.  Last time we did a 5 day transfer, it didn't work.  What if we have no embryos by day 5?? :\

Also yesterday, I started PIO shots.  I think they may be the scariest thing yet.  I've never had to do them before.  I give all injections to myself, but this one I can't do since it has to be injected in the upper portion of the butt.  TMI??  It was awful.  The needle is big and it hurt.  And I hate not being able to give them myself.  I trust A, but if anyone is inflicting pain on me, it should be me!!  Hate them.  And I might've cried.  And I'm dreading having to do another tonight.  And for the next several days. :*(  On the bright side, worrying about the shot is keeping me from worrying about the embryos.

Yup, this sums it up: http://ourmisconception.blogspot.com/2012/11/ode-to-pio-shot.html#.U35nLSYo7cs

5/23/2014 - PIO shot went much better last night.  Here's a little hint if anyone has to do these.  Hold the vial for 10 minutes prior to injecting.  This helps the oil warm up and it becomes less viscous, which makes it easier to inject.  Rub the spot afterwards and use a heating pad.  Also, it could just be me, but the lower the injection is, the more it seems to hurt.

5/27/2014 - I didn't update over Memorial Day weekend so this is going to be a bit long.  I was super super nervous about the quality of our embryos.  Transfer was scheduled for Sunday, 5/25.  Saturday, 5/24, I was a nervous wreck.  The fertility clinic called our home phone 3 times.  Each time, my heart stopped and I was sure transfer was going to be cancelled because we had no remaining embryos.  Each time, however, the call was an automatic reminder of my upcoming appointment.  So annoying.  Then I missed a call from the clinic on my cell.  No message was left.  Again, I was super nervous, thinking the worst.  I wondered if they'd call Sunday morning with bad news.
Sunday eventually rolled around and no phone call.  A and I arrived at the clinic early.  My nurse checked that my bladder was full enough for transfer (so uncomfortable) and it wasn't.  I had to drink more.  I asked if all the preparations meant that we still had embryos.  She said yes.  I was relieved, but still nervous because I didn't know what state our embryos were in - if there were high quality or not.
The doctor eventually came in and showed me a picture of the embryos we were transferring - one larger, one smaller.  It was very similar to our first IVF experience and I was disappointed that the embryos didn't look a little better.  He told me none met freeze criteria.  Very, very disappointing.  Especially since this clinic is supposed to be so much better.  I don't understand why we never have embryos to freeze after starting out with so many.  Embarrassingly, I'm not even sure if the second embryo is considered a blast.  I believe it is an early blast.  I didn't ask - I just know that it was smaller.  IF it was in fact a blast, then that would actually be better than our first cycle.
So now we're in the 2 week wait.  Hoping for the best, but preparing for bad news.  I feel normal for the most part.  Of course I'm overanalyzing every little twinge, looking for signs.  My back is really sore where the PIO shots have been injected.  Honestly, I wish I felt bad - I would take that as a good sign. :)

5/29/2014 - OMG!!  I'm SO excited!!  We have FROZEN EMBRYOS.  When I went in for transfer, we were told that none met the criteria.  I just assumed that was that.  But the clinic watched them another day and it turns out, they continued to grow.  So we have two frozen embryos!!  I'm thrilled!!!

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