Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Thoughts

I eventually snapped out of my birthday funk.  I’m still not sure exactly why I was feeling down.  Anyway, A and the boys spoiled me with cake and wonderful gifts.  W picked out some lip gloss for me (he has great taste!) and helped select candles that smelled delicious.  I also received the Ed Sheeran cd – love him, roses, and lots of candy!  A told me that one more gift was on the way.  I had recently shared a picture of a t –shirt from my college and thought perhaps he had ordered that for me. 

Yesterday, I came  home from work and A handed me a small wrapped package.  Not at all what I was expecting.  I opened it and found a gorgeous necklace with amethyst and tanzanite stones.  Amethyst in S’s birthstone and tanzanite is one of W’s birthstones (there are multiple birthstones for each month).  I LOVE it.  A little backstory:  Quite awhile ago, I mentioned to A that I’d love a piece of jewelry that was symbolic of the boys, but didn’t look like typical mom jewelry.  I didn’t want anything that said mom and the birthstone jewelry I had seen wasn’t really my style.  Basically I wanted mom jewelry that didn’t look like mom jewelry… and I had yet to actually see something I liked.  So I basically gave up on that quest.  A completed mission impossible. J

Yikes.  Both of those picture are terrible.  The first one doesn't do the necklace justice - it's much prettier in person.  And the second picture... helllooo horrible office lighting. :O

Today, my company is heading to the Cubs game (hence my shirt in the above pic)!  I’m excited.  Should be a fun day!!

As much as I'm looking forward to the game, I have terrible mom guilt!!  I'm going to miss my guys this afternoon.

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