Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Recap

Baby S’s 6 month photos were scheduled for this past Saturday.  I also had the bright idea to attempt a family photo.  Saturday started off well.  Both boys slept well, W ate a good breakfast and had a bath, S had a bottle and napped for a bit in the car.  All signs were pointing to a non-disastrous photo shoot.  But sometimes signs are wrong.  I know that W does not like having his picture taken – unless of course it’s on his terms.  But I thought if I held him and bribed him with gummy bears, he would cooperate.  Wrong.  Very wrong.  He had an epic meltdown.  He just cried and yelled and could not be soothed.  His very first public meltdown.  So happy he saved it for picture day.  I asked him what was wrong and he yelled, “W upset!”.  Thank you for that, Captain Obvious.  In his defense, it was freaking hot.  Like nearing 90 degrees and humid.  That’s enough to make anyone cranky.  So I have no hope for a family photo, but I am hoping for some cute pictures of S.  W finally stopped crying at the end of the shoot and the photographer snapped a couple of him in action.  But disappointing to say the least.  I absolutely love photos.  I just wish W did too.

After that disaster, I mentioned to A that I would love to get out, just the two of us, for a few minutes of silence.  Just long enough to unwind, maybe grab a drink, and enjoy some peace and quiet.  His response: “Let’s do it!”.  So as we were driving home, I called my mom and asked begged her to watch the boys for just an hour so A and I could go out.  She took pity on us, said that she remembered having similar days as a mother, and came over a short time later.  A and I headed to the closest restaurant - Applebees for drinks and appetizers and it was awesome.  We debated not returning home, but figured my mom would need to be rescued. ;)  So we arrived home and my mom’s response: “You’re home already?!?  You should’ve stayed out longer.  The boys have been great.”.  So that’s reassuring.  And next time, we will definitely stay out longer!!  And this little situation proves once again that we can never move away from our parents.  A and I may be in our 30s, but our parents still come to the rescue. J

Sunday was our usual routine of church, Starbucks, and grocery shopping.  W and I spent the afternoon melting ice.  I’ve seen this activity on a couple blogs and Pinterest.  Freeze objects in layers of ice and use warm salt water and a baster to find the treasure.  W was a big fan and it was hot yesterday so this was a perfect activity.  After finding frozen treasure, I tried a lemon chicken and pasta recipe for dinner and it was amazing.  A and I also ordered a new mattress – something we’ve been meaning to do for YEARS.  So we ended the weekend on a high note.

This week marks my least favorite week of the entire year.  The week before A heads back to school.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again -  I LOVE having him home.  Thankful for his job, but sad about our impending hectic schedules.  There is a bright spot, though, that I haven’t mentioned yet.  I will be working from home every Tuesday and Thursday so that I can take W to school and pick him up and I am thrilled.  THRILLED.  Actually, thrilled is an understatement.  I’m so excited that in addition to school drop offs, I’ll avoid a long commute, possibly have lunch with the boys, and maybe even make dinner.  And I’ll be around if grandmas need an extra hand.  So at least there’s that to look forward to.

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