Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Recap

The problem with busy weekends is that they seem to fly by in an instant and I feel like I need a vacation when they’re over.  Getting up for work this morning was torture.  Anyway, this weekend was AWESOME.

Friday was my work outing to Wrigley Field where I got to watch my beloved Cubs, eat as much as I wanted, and drink lots of beer for FREE.  It was as wonderful as it sounds.  The weather was perfect.  The Cubs won.  And I was even on tv for like a millisecond.  Somehow A captured a picture of the tv screen!!  It was a blast.  Only downside was that both boys were sleeping when I arrived home at 8:30pm.  W usually goes to bed at 9, but having no nap did him in.  I was disappointed I didn't get to say goodnight.

Work friends
So impressed that A got this picture of the tv screen
Saturday I planned to take W to the park and lunch to give A a little break (though he still had S and I still owe him big time for Friday).  But A wanted to join us for lunch.  So W and I played at the park for about an hour.  This park is really cool – a pirate ship, tons of playground equipment, and even dinosaur bones.  Not sure how dino bones and pirate ships go together, but kids love them so who cares.  W made me go on the seesaw with him where I learned pretty quickly that I am extremely out of shape and have no business trying to seesaw.  My legs still hurt.  Sadly, I’m not joking.

Perfectly timed photo of the elephant eating W
Pirate ship... arrrrgh

Seesawing is a blast... I don't have to use my legs at all!
Stop being a wimp, mom!!  Faster!!

After that, it was off to Chili’s for a bite to eat.  A and S met us there eventually.  Unfortunately, they took awhile to arrive so I was forced to order the spinach queso dip, which was delicious.  I ate way too much of it.  Totally A’s fault obviously. ;)

We went grocery shopping after that and ended the night with a malt beverage on the couch.  I keep telling A that I miss being able to sit on the couch and watch tv with him.  Lately, as soon as W goes to bed, I wash pump parts, make my lunch for the next day, pump, and get ready for bed myself.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Anyway, it was nice to relax together for all of 5 minutes.

I can't even handle his cuteness.  Totally worth not having any alone time.
Sunday we went to church, stopped at Starbucks (which took FOREVER) and ordered breakfast to go, ate at home, and headed to the Cubs game.  That’s right, another Cubs game for me.  I must be their number one fan.  Actually, I gave A a certificate for Christmas which guaranteed 2 tickets to a game of his choosing.  He chose this one several months back for a few reasons… the Cubs were playing the Giants – aka the defending World Series champs, it was Clark the Bear giveaway day, which meant that the first however many kids received a free bear, it was on a weekend, and it was early enough to take W.
I never did find out why he was wearing the construction vest.. Hmm.  Maybe all the recent Wrigley renovations?

I could not have asked for a better experience.  We made it to the game in record time.  Something that almost never happens… hellooo Chicago traffic.  We were able to park in the green lot (which is the best lot in my opinion) and we got a ride to the stadium in a golf cart, which W was thrilled about.  We were able to get a bear for W and even got one for S, though he didn’t come with us (thank you, Grandma G for watching him!).  The game was great and although W wasn't very interested, he was really good.  At one point W was restless so I took him to walk around inside the concourse.  We ran into Clark, the Cubs mascot, and W got a picture with him.  We left after the 7th inning stretch and got a ride back to the parking lot... score!  Such a fun outing and the Cubs won!

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