Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was uneventful for the most part… until last night.  But I’ll get to that.

I should mention that Thursday, A and W rode the train to my office and we all went out for lunch.  It was so much fun to have them come visit.  Unfortunately I told A the wrong train station and ended up having to go pick them up (still not sure what I was thinking – major oops).  But I think W enjoyed taking the train with dad.

Friday, I worked in the morning and then had a few errands I wanted to run.  W said he wanted to come with me.  I didn’t mind, but one of my errands was dropping off a box clothes at a local consignment shop.  I told W that he’d have to walk, I wouldn’t be able to carry him in.  He repeated quite a few times, “W walk.  Mommy carry big box.”  And he did great.  He asked if we could look for trucks and silly me, thinking there were no trucks at the store, said sure.  So we returned home with a truck.  I really enjoyed his company, though.  He also went to the farmer’s market with me later that afternoon and I treated him to apple cider.  Love spending time with my big boy and A enjoyed some one on one time with S. J

Saturday was a haircut for me.  Then we headed to our favorite pizza place for an early dinner.  Unfortunately, 2 days of not napping was too much for W and he fell asleep on the way there.  He woke up cranky and not interested in dinner.  So it was a very quick dinner outing and then we headed home.

Sunday was super hot so we ran errands and stayed inside for most of the day.  I was just about ready to start W’s bedtime routine when I got an alert on my phone indicating a tornado warning.  Storms really scare me.  I ran downstairs to find A and we watched the radar debating if we should go into the basement.  S was sleeping and it looked like the storm might miss us.  I asked A to come upstairs in case we needed to head to the basement – he could grab S and I’d grab W.  We listened for tornado sirens and stayed glued to the tv.  Soon we heard sirens and quickly went downstairs.  The lights flickered, the downstairs tv stopped working.  I read books to W to keep him calm and A rocked S.  Soon enough, the warning was cancelled and we were able to carry on with bedtime.  It took W forever to fall asleep.  He’s scared of storms, just like mommy.  We came to find out that a funnel cloud was spotted just a few miles from our house and the roof blew off of a nearby high school.  Yikes.  Thankful we were all ok and there was no damage to our house.