Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Recap

I’m not even sure how to describe this weekend.  In a way, it was very symbolic of my feelings about A returning to school….  All over the place.  Sad that summer is over, mornings are hectic again, and evenings are even more hectic.  BUT happy A has a teaching job he enjoys along with wonderful colleagues.  I know he’s amazing at his job and there was a point when we thought a teaching position would never happen.  And so very grateful that our moms are watching the boys for us.

Friday was lots of fun.  A couple weeks ago, I posted on FB asking if anyone had tips on obtaining cheap Six Flags tickets.  A and I wanted to take W, but we weren’t sure if he’d like it.  It seemed crazy to pay full admission for two adults who wouldn’t even be going on rides, especially since we weren’t sure if W would go on any rides.  A few friends generously offered to let us tag along.  They had passes and were able to bring a friend for free.  So the whole family went on Friday with Megan and her kiddos.  W LOVED it.  So much so that A planned on taking him on the mildest ADULT roller coaster!!!  Say what??  Unfortunately, the amusement park was super crowded and the wait was 60 minutes for that roller coaster so we decided to skip it.  But we’re definitely planning on getting passes next year.  W actually cried when the kid roller coaster ended - he couldn't get enough.

I should also add that it was so strange being there.  A and I worked there for years (sad, but true) and I was quickly reminded of all the annoyances - people stopping mid stride, sticky snow cone pavement, loud games, awful smells (yep, not sure why, but that place has a distinct wretched smell), those families that all dress alike, crowds, etc.  You get the idea.  But despite the deja vu, we still had fun.

Saturday and Sunday went something like this…

W gets time out for yelling, go grocery shopping, time out for yelling, plan to go to pizza restaurant for dinner, time out for throwing, decide to make homemade mac and cheese and go out for pizza on Sunday instead, time out for yelling, W appears to be getting a cold, bedtime, ahhh… quiet, Sunday morning - realize air conditioning is not working correctly, church, pray air conditioning repair won’t be too costly, Starbucks, time out for yelling, clean, take W to local farm, take pics of the boys (6 mos and first day of preschool – way late for one pic, early for the other, S is all smiles, W whines and complains the entire time – standard),  time out for yelling, more cleaning, W breaks my glasses, decide to forget going out and just order a pizza, W falls head first into bed while twirling.

Yeah.  And here we are.  Monday.

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