Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

I received my second Stitch Fix over the weekend and kept 2 of the 5 items.  But I felt like the other items were really close to hitting the mark... near misses.  If all 2 readers of this blog are interested in seeing what I received, leave me a comment.  Otherwise, I'll just assume that no one wants to see anymore of my awkward bathroom mirror selfies. ;)


  1. Do it, gal! I never heard of *Stitch Fix* until I read about it on your blog and I'm fascinated. I'm becoming a more and more obsessive thrift shopper and it's really piqued my fashion interest. Before becoming a mom, I worked in the garment district designing fabric - I love this stuff. ps boys & you are looking great

  2. That sounds like such an interesting/fun job! And thank you for the compliment - very kind of you! :)