Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Recap

Why hello, Monday.

This past Saturday, S had his 6 month checkup (which was really closer to a 7 month checkup).  Big guy is  21lbs 6oz (95th percentile) and 27in (75th percentile).  He had to get 3 shots. L  W also insisted on a checkup and shots.  I’m certain he’s the only kid who’s ever asked for both a checkup and shots.  W didn’t receive a shot, but A and I looked through a couple drawers and found a tongue depressor so we could effectively check him and make sure he was indeed healthy (I’m sure searching drawers in the doctor’s office is frowned upon – sorry, pediatrician!).  After that, we headed to the grocery store for a few things and then went to the pizza place we planned to go to twice last weekend, but never made it.  While there, W told me his pizza was yucky (even though he hadn’t tried it and I KNOW he really likes this particular pizza) and laid in the booth, wiggled, and fidgeted nearly the entire time.  Eventually he did get around to eating.  A and I decided to do something different.  This pizza place has all these amazing specialty pizzas.  They had a deal where you could try 3 different small specialty pizzas.  We decided to try the Country Italia (mushroom, bacon, sausage, garlic, and ricotta cheese), the southwestern grilled chicken (chicken, cheddar cheese, and salsa), and the four cheese macaroni and bacon pizza (self-explanatory).  The mac and cheese was our favorite.  It was awesome.  They were all really yummy and we had so much fun trying them!  And sweet S sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time.  He was so cute and there was no shortage of admirers.  He was happy as a clam despite getting 3 shots just a short time ago.

Sunday was church and the Starbucks drive thru (Grandma had a meeting at church and couldn’t make it to our usual Starbucks breakfast).  Then it was off to the Fantasy Football draft party.  I’ve come to the conclusion that these are super stressful when kids are involved.  Thankfully, it wasn’t at our house this year.  S took a long nap so we were late.  When we finally arrived, W was overwhelmed by all the people and super clingy.  The food was delicious, but both boys soon needed a diaper change and the draft started while we were in the middle of said diaper changes.  Not cool.  W was telling me that he was ready to go home with about 6 rounds left (likely the result of no nap).  So next year, I may skip the whole thing.  It was great to see everyone, but I felt like I didn’t have a chance to talk to anyone between drafting players and entertaining the boys.  Eventually, I just gave up and let A draft my players.  So yeah, we all needed a nap when it was over. J  Annnd I didn’t even take any pics of us all decked out in Bears attire or of the twins in their Vikings tutus.  Fail.

Oh, this is funny…  On Friday, I had plans to go to the farmers market for cinnamon rolls and an apple cider for W.  My mom wanted to join us, but first I needed to stop at the bank for cash.  Our conversation went like this:

W:  We not go inside?
Me:  No, we’re going through the drive thru.  You know, grandma always go inside, but mommy prefers the drive thru.
Grandma:  Yes.  Grandma doesn’t like those machines.
W:  Grandma no like machines!  Grandma is scared of them!
At this point, my mom and I are laughing.  And under her breath, my mom said, “I love it.”
W:  Grandma loves it!  W funny.

And sadly, the farmers market had no cinnamon rolls or apple cider.  Boo.

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