Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Half Birthday, Baby S!

Happy 6 months, S!

Your half birthday.  I love that I get to share my birthday with my you, baby boy.  My only gripe is that this sharing of birthdays means we’re both getting older.  Sob.

This was probably your most eventful month to date.  Notable firsts included: first time on an airplane, first time in the pool, first trip to Aunt Lori’s house, first diagnosis of pink eye L, first trip to the farmer’s market, first aquarium visit, and several first foods.  You’ve also started sitting up on your own.  You’re a bit unsteady, but you can do it.

You did amazing on the flight to Maryland and not so amazing on the flight home.  Unbeknownst to us, you were coming down with pink eye on the flight home and you were miserable.  You only cried on the ascent and descent, but I could tell you just weren’t yourself.  My poor baby.  Though the doctor said pink eye was extremely contagious and there was a good possibility we’d get it, you were kind enough not to pass it on to any of us.  Thank you for that.  And although, you weren’t feeling well, your happy demeanor shone through as you are the only baby I’ve ever seen smile while in the midst of crying.  Luckily, after a day of eye drops, you were much better.

You love to eat.  LOVE.  So far you’ve tried oatmeal, sweet potatoes, mango, squash, prunes, carrots, pears, apples, bananas, and green beans.  If I had to guess, I’d say apples and carrots are your favorites and oatmeal, prunes, and bananas are your least favorite (but you’ll eat everything).  We were only giving you one serving of solids per day (about half of a jar or pouch).  But then came a day where you ate your serving of solids and 39 ounces of breast milk, which is just unheard of.  So we upped your solid intake to 2 servings per day and you seem pleased with that arrangement.

You’re still enamored with your big brother.  You watch his every move and smile when he talks.  I wish I could say he felt the same way about you, but he’ll come around eventually.

You’re still wearing size 6-12 months in clothes and you’re in size 3 diapers. You’re sleeping about 8-10 hours per night  and go to bed around 8pm.  You take a morning nap that usually lasts 1.5-2 hours.  One caveat is you sleep well in your crib, but not in your car seat.  If we’re out and about, your morning nap is only about 30-45 minutes.  You HATE your car seat.

Unofficially, you weigh 20 pounds, but we won’t have your check up until the end of the month.

I was certain you were getting a tooth last month and so sure I saw a white spot on your gum, but it appears to be a false alarm as you are still toothless.  Judging by the amount of drool, teeth should be making an appearance soon.

You’re a mover.  If you’re sitting on a lap, you’re typically bouncing.  Diaper changes are really challenging because you roll, arch your back, and scoot on the changing pad.  If we lay you on the floor, we’ll find you in an entirely different spot.  This isn’t surprising to me since you were constantly kicking and doing somersaults while I was pregnant.  I wonder if you’ll be an early crawler… or maybe you’ll just go straight to walking.

Despite your love for movement, you’re not a big fan of bouncy seats, the Jumparoo, or the Exersaucer.  I suspect this may be because it’s possible for us to walk away while you’re in one and that is just not acceptable in your world.  You are a people person and if someone dares to leave you alone, you make your displeasure known.  You are happiest sitting on a lap, being held, or sitting next to your brother and you love when people stop to talk to you.

6 months is one of my favorite ages.  Babies are generally content and interactive, but not yet mobile.  I’m really looking forward to the month ahead, but really sad that you’re growing so incredibly fast.

Happy 6 months, sweet S.  You are our everything and more.

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