Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Style

During my pumping sessions, I typically peruse Facebook or catch up on blogs to pass the time.  Last week, there wasn't much on FB and no one was sharing any new blog posts so I started looking back at my old blog posts.  I went back to the very beginning and enjoyed reminiscing.  One thing I loved to see was what I was wearing.  I love clothes and it was fun to see items that I still have in my closet, but haven't worn in awhile.  So I figured I would post a few favorite outfits or articles of clothing every now and then for my own benefit...

Favorites from last week:

I love cardigans.  I'm always cold and I think they really complete an outfit.  I've had this top and cardi for at least 3 years, but have never worn them together for some reason.  Also, W was none to pleased that I was taking a picture instead of picking him up.

I LOVE this top and best of all, I got for $10.  Woohoo!!

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