Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Thoughts

  • When I picked W up from school yesterday, his teacher mentioned that he had cried a little, but only when another boy cried. L  As I was tucking W in for the night, he told me, “Little boy was crying.  He missed his mommy.  W missed mommy.”  Break my heart.

  •  This weekend, S has a doctor’s appointment, our mattress is being delivered, and we have a fantasy football draft party to attend.  Thankfully, this draft party is not at our house.  After the disaster last year, I plan on never hosting again.  Anyway, I have high hopes for a fun filled weekend and very low expectations for my fantasy team. ;)

  • We’ve gotten a taste of fall this week with cooler temperatures.  Love it.  Bring on all things fall!!

  • Have you heard that Starbucks is not selling bagels at the moment?  They’re only one of W’s most favorite things. L  Bring back the bagels!

  • A post every day this week!  How about that?!?

  • My favorite look of the week.
I had to interview a candidate and felt really put together with this cute jacket. :)

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