Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Happenings

Duh… I forgot to mention yesterday that A is on spring break this week and I am loving it.  Usually, I get W up every morning, change him, and give him his milk.  I love going into his room, saying good morning, and giving him hugs and kisses as soon as he’s awake.  But since A is home, he can help with getting W changed and fed.  It’s a nice little break for me.  I also don’t have to drop W off at his grandparent’s house this week, which saves me time in the car.  That means I arrive to work earlier and leave earlier.  A big win.
I know every mom thinks her child is the smartest and cutest.  Admittedly, I’m no exception.  W does not speak much, but he knows what lots of words mean.  And that boy KNOWS what he wants.  Lately he points to everything and either wants to know the name of the object or he just wants said object.  So a little background info: we keep some cereal boxes on top of our fridge.  Our pantry is jam packed and that’s where some of the cereal boxes wound up.  Every now and then W points to a box because he wants Cheerios or Chex.  Yesterday, A texted me to tell me that W had pointed to the Cheerios box.  A brought the box over to W and W pointed at the bowl of cereal on the box.  A asked W if he wanted some and proceeded to pour a few O’s onto the tray of W’s highchair.  W then started pointing to the box again and making his noises.  So A held the box in front of W and W pointed to the bowl pictured on the box.  That’s when A realized that W was actually pointing to the strawberries in the bowl of cereal pictured on the box.  Apparently W wanted strawberries.  A cut some up and W gobbled them.  Genius. J

W also started saying ball last night.  So darn cute.

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