Thursday, March 20, 2014

W Turns 15 Months!

Happy 15 months, W!  I can’t believe it.  Makes me a little sad.  But this may have been my favorite month yet… do I say that every month?

I have to admit, I thought you’d be saying more words by now, but I think I was being unrealistic.  You haven’t added a lot of words this month in terms of speech.  The only new words I can think of are down (you said this a couple times last month, but now it’s consistent) and if I ask you what a snake says, you’ll hiss.  You also sign “all done”.  BUT you know what so many words mean and I’m amazed at your level of comprehension.  I gave a list previously, but some new words you’ve picked up since then are: car, clock, drum, cat, mouse, bird, socks, belly button, and probably many more.  You’ll see a cat on tv and start meowing or see a picture of shoes in a book and then run and get your own shoes.  You saw a watch on a flash card recently and I tried to explain that a watch was like a clock you wear on your wrist.  You then pointed to the clock on our wall.  Cutest thing ever.  We all think you’re really bright (not that we’re biased or anything).  You can do puzzles now.  You don’t always fit the pieces exactly, but you can match the pictures.  You still love to read and Pete the Cat is still your favorite.  You’ve gotten better with eating.  You still love meat (chicken, meatballs, hamburger, sausage, corned beef), but you actually ate fruit for the first time ever.  You’ve had strawberries and pineapple.  A major feat!  You’re also starting to feed yourself with a spoon.  You’ll dip the spoon into yogurt or applesauce and then put it in your mouth.  You’re down to just one bottle – right before bed.  You were hitting a lot and that was driving me crazy.  But as you’re learning to communicate and mom and dad are using positive reinforcement, you’ve gotten so so much better.  You can go up and down the stairs these days.  You’re favorite game lately is throwing things down the stairs – mainly balls and dad’s shoes.  But you’ve also thrown blocks, blankets, and cars.  I’m trying to teach you that it’s only acceptable to throw balls.  Oh, and you fall all the time.  We had to call the pediatrician’s after hours line for the first time due to a fall.  It seems like you are never bruise free.  I hope that doesn’t mean several ER trips are in your future.  In the past month, we’ve made a trip to Chicago, gone to the library, gone to the mall, and even went outside for a couple walks.  You also got your first pair of big boy shoes and I think you actually like them.

Such a fun month!!

We love you so much!  You are our everything and more.

And finally - 3/17/13 vs. 3/17/14


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