Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap

I feel like I need a vacation from my weekend. J  We were super busy.  I’ll try to do a quick recap…

Saturday I got my haircut and then A and I headed over to the open house.  We both really liked the house.  The kitchen, living room, and third bedroom were smaller than I thought they’d be.  Not necessarily a bad thing, they were just smaller than I was expecting.  The house was very very nice.  There were lots of people at the open house and that gave me the impression that the house will sell quickly.  One family seemed very interested.  So I have a feeling that this won’t end up being our house.  I think we’ll still pursue it, but someone else will probably snatch it up before we get all of our financing in order.  A bit disappointing.  Our timing just seems to be off.  But I guess you never know… This house is perfect for us in terms of size, location, and price range.  One important note – we live on a golf course and as a result, there are very few homes that allow for fences.  I think this one does since it isn’t directly on the golf course.  We’d love to have a fenced in yard for our dog.***

After that, it was time to head to our nephew’s birthday party.  We couldn’t stay too long since W goes to bed early, but we all had fun.  On the way home, A got a flat tire.  His second flat in a week!  Talk about bad luck!  He ran over some glass that was in the road on our way to the party and we hadn’t thought much of it.  A stopped and filled up the tire on our way home and could hear air leaking out.  He knew it’d be flat again soon.   Meanwhile, W had fallen asleep in his car seat.  I called my mom and asked if she’d stay with W while I followed A to the tire store.  It was closed for the night, but the plan was to leave his car there and come back in the morning to have it fixed.  That way he could avoid putting on the spare tire.  W woke up while we got him changed into his pjs and was very upset.  It took awhile to get him back to sleep.  Finally, by around 8:30, W was asleep, the car was at the tire store, and A and I were back home.  All was good.

Then W woke up around midnight and continued to fall asleep and wake for the next couple hours.  At this point, I was exhausted and still not feeling well.  Thank goodness A was able to eventually get W to sleep for good.  I think falling asleep in the car threw off his schedule a bit and he’s also getting another tooth.  Not a good night.

The next morning, I felt horrible.  My cold seemed worse and I was just tired.  W was also tired and cranky.  We spent much of church in the lobby.  Starbucks was packed so we went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast instead.  W had no interest in sitting so that was fun. :P  When we got home, I tried to get W down for a nap.  He was not having it.  Again, A came to the rescue and let me nap while he handled a crazy W.  They went for a walk outside and everyone was happy.  I woke up feeling much better and the day was pretty uneventful.  W was still cranky, but at least he eventually napped.  The three of us, along with Addie ended up going for another walk since the weather was finally decent. 

Oh, one more thing – our friends were at church with the twin girls.  Two weeks in a row – very impressive with twins!!  We can’t even get to church on time with one!  They asked A and I if we’d be the Godparents to one of the twins.  We’re so honored and excited! J  But how do we choose which twin?!?!

***So I wrote this before speaking with our mortgage broker.  We’re preapproved!!  And the mortgage payment with taxes and PMI rolled in would be doable!  Holy Moly!!

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