Tuesday, October 14, 2014

3 Things

 1.  Baby #2 may never have a name.  A and I can’t seem to agree and it’s stressing me out a little.  I know we still have time to figure it out, but I also know time is flying by at warp speed lately and I like to have everything in order.  A is all about traditional – he typically likes names like Matthew, John, Ryan…  Nothing wrong with these.  I like traditional too, but those names just don’t seem “right” to me.  They don’t seem to be a good fit.  We were discussing names last week and A said he wanted something “different”.  What?!?  He doesn’t like “different”.  I’m all sorts of confused.  He has a favorite in mind, but I don’t love it.  I feel strongly about another boy name.  It is traditional and just seems right to me, but A isn’t necessarily on board.  Will we ever agree??  Girls names are SO much easier!

2.  This picture… I love it.  As I mentioned I completed the corn maze when I was 7 months pregnant with W.  I remembered taking a picture with a pumpkin and wanted to repeat it this time around.  I didn’t even realize until I was comparing the pictures that I posed in the exact same way. J  And let’s not talk about how my belly is the same size at 5.5 months pregnant as it was at 7 months pregnant, mmmkay??
2012 vs. 2014

3.  W has been waking up at 5 am.  That’s right, 5 am.  It used to be 6-6:30.  Then it was 5:30.  Lately it’s 5.  He has been sleeping through the night, which is wonderful (except for last night).  I was convinced he must be cold.  His room is at one corner of the house and tends to get chilly.  So I ordered some fleece pjs and turned up the heat.  Well, the pjs haven’t arrived yet, but turning up the heat made no difference.  The boy is just not tired?!?  I’d say maybe he needs to spend more time outside running around, but trust me, he does lots of that.  I’d say I need to change up his diet, but he’s so picky, he wouldn’t eat anything else.  So I guess we’ll just go with the early mornings.  The early bird gets the worm, right?  5 better not turn into 4:30, though!!  5 is my absolute limit.  And even that’s crazy.  I’m starting to get really nervous about caring for a toddler and a newborn who do not sleep… yikes!

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