Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Randoms

I’ve been getting over a cold all week.  Colds suck in general, but a cold while pregnant is the worst.  I’ve had a headache and sinus pressure for a week straight.  I was lucky enough to never experience any colds while pregnant with W.  This virus needs to leave my body ASAP!!

Speaking of colds, W has yet another cold!  Uggh!  I think he had the last one for over two weeks.  I’m ready to put him in a bubble!!

A colleague came over to complain about people who choose the stall right next to you in an otherwise empty restroom.  YES!!  Why do people do that??  Isn’t it an unwritten rule that there should be an empty stall between you and the next person at all times (unless the restroom is full)??

I think my dog needs Prozac… or wine.  Hmm…  Both?

W has been sleeping through the night lately… Yay!!  But wakes up around 5:30 every day… Boo!!  This can’t be normal.  Everyone else who has toddlers talks about how they sleep until 8-9.  WHAT?!?  W has never ever slept past 7.  How did I end up with an insomniac… I LOVE sleep?!?  At least he’s a cute insomniac.

Another busy weekend lies ahead.  School for W, pet blessing at church, a haircut for me, and plenty of errands.  I’m already tired.  Annnd colleagues from Germany, Ireland, and Atlanta are in town during the upcoming week, which means meetings, meetings, and more meetings.  And a work dinner.  Ugggghhh.  So not looking forward to it.  BUT I’m taking next Friday off so that’s something to look forward to!!  Mommy and W day… I’m excited and I really need a break from work!!

I LOVE the cooler fall weather!  Bring it on fall!  But winter, how about you take some extra time off?  No need to make an appearance until say… NEVER?!?

Speaking of fall, I scheduled fall pictures… outside.  I have no idea why I do this to myself.  1. The weather probably won’t cooperate.  2. W probably won’t cooperate.  3.  If the weather happens to actually be nice, it will probably be crazy windy and my hair will be all over the place.  4.  There probably won’t be any leaves left on the trees, which defeats the purpose of outdoor fall photos.  Our last couple photo sessions have not gone all that well and somehow, the photographer was able to get some amazing pictures… here’s hoping.  Someday I’ll learn to forget the outdoor photos and just be satisfied with a couple inside pictures.

I’ve heard lots of moms talk about silly fears for their second child.  Things like I’m not sure how I’ll love another child as much as my first and I’m worried baby #2 will not be as cute as baby #1.  I don’t have those fears per se.  For me, pregnancy is a bit strange.  I love my baby, but something about it seems unreal.  Or maybe surreal is a better description – I just can’t believe I’ll be having a baby.  I know I’m not explaining this well.  But the moment I meet baby, EVERYTHING changes.  Instant love.  This little moving being inside me becomes a real person.  MY person, MY baby.  Again, that’s a horrible explanation and I’m rambling (we’ll blame the cold symptoms).  Anyway, my silly fear is that baby #2 won’t get as much attention or the same attention as W.  People gravitate to W’s red hair.  He’s greeted wherever we go.  He’s so loved.  I’m worried that baby #2 won’t have the same experiences or recognition and will feel left out.  Silly, right?

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I'm commenting on my own blog post. Does that make me a weirdo? Probably. But I felt like a jerk for complaining about W's sleep. I wasn't trying to be whiny. Is it hard to get up so early? Sometimes. But if it means I get to be W's mom, then I'll do it everyday forever. I'm mainly concerned that he isn't getting enough sleep. K, just wanted to put that out there. :)