Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ohhhh W...

Oh W, why won’t you sleep??  We were on a very nice streak of you sleeping through the night.  Sure, you woke up early, but uninterrupted sleep was bliss.  Now here we are, 3 nights in a row, you’ve woken up at exactly 1:40 am each night – or should I say morning?  Does something magical happen at 1:40 am?  Does something make noise and cause you to wake?  Does your internal alarm clock tell you it’s time to stand up in your crib and make random noises?  I’d love for you to tell me.  Our weather has been very dreary – are you just not exerting enough energy, not getting enough fresh air?  We’ve tried humidifier/no humidifier, fan/no fan, extra warm pajamas, white noise, removing electronics, and baths.  Nothing seems to make a difference.  You don’t act particularly upset, you’re just awake.  Are you trying to prepare us for your brother?  Trust me, I’m already panicked about the lack of sleep; you don’t need to remind me or rub it in. ;)  And the fact that your mom goes to bed around 9 pm in preparation for the impending wake up is downright pathetic.  She didn’t even go to bed that early in Middle School.  So please, sweet little man, start sleeping.  We’ll both feel better!!  Scratch that.  I’ll feel better.  Because despite the wake ups, you continue to be your typical easy going self.

In other news, we went to dinner last night at Bonnie Brook Golf Course.  We’ve been going there since W was little.  Every Wednesday night, they prepare a specific dish or have a buffet.  It’s usually yummy and inexpensive and we attend maybe once every 6 weeks or so.  But what amuses me most is the crowd.  We are easily the youngest group there.  All of the other patrons are elderly.  And oh my gosh, do they LOVE W.  I can’t even tell you the number of people who approached our table to say hi, tell W how cute he is, comment on his outfit, his hair, etc.  A waitress even gave him a toy car that she said she’d been keeping in her pocket specifically for him.  Having dinner with W at Bonnie Brook is like eating with a little celebrity – a celebrity that occasionally makes loud noises, drops food, and gets green jello all over the white table cloth.  Come to think of it, he’s waaay better behaved than most celebrities!!

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