Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was fabulous.  As usual, I’m sad that it’s over and I’m back at work.  And it doesn’t help that this Monday is rainy, dark, and dreary.  Anyway, on to the weekend recap…

First I should mention that last week was crazy busy.  I had colleagues in town from Europe.  I really like my colleagues, but anytime they visit, we have all day meetings, which are draining.  Productive, but draining.  On the bright side, lunch was catered all week.  On the downside, I ate waaay too much.  A had CF clinic on Tuesday and I put in a vacation request so that I could attend with him.  My request was denied since my colleagues were in town.  At the time I requested, we weren’t sure what days they’d be in town and what meetings I’d need to attend.  I was really disappointed.  I have this weird fear that if I can’t attend clinic with A, A will receive bad news and I won’t be there.  But happy to report that his appointment went well.  My colleagues left on Thursday and I was able to take Friday off.

So Friday… I declared it mommy/W day and I wanted it to be lots of fun.  W and I started the day by playing with toys and painting.  He had an appointment for a haircut at 10 am.  He was awesome during his haircut.  He got a cookie and lollipop and was perfect.  Then, we headed to Starbucks where we shared apple juice.  After that, we headed home and had some lunch.  Then, it was off to a local farm.  My mom joined us – the farm happens to be right between our houses and only 5 minutes away.  W enjoyed seeing the chickens, goats, donkeys, and turkeys.  He fed the goats and ran around the pumpkins.  Afterwards, we headed home for a very short nap (he never naps well for me).  When he woke up, we headed outside for a walk and played at the park (the weather was beautiful).  Then we met A at our favorite pizza place for dinner.  It was an absolutely perfect day.  I couldn’t have asked for better.  I need to take more days off to spend with W.
 Artist at work
 At the salon post haircut.  Very handsome!
 Starbucks date
 Laughing at the chickens with Grandma G
 Hello goats!!

 Feeding goats with Grandma G

 So many pumpkins!
 W often pushes his lawn mower to the park

Pizza with Da!

Saturday was corn maze day.  After W woke from his nap, we headed to the world’s largest corn maze (at least that’s what they claim).  We go every year and have a great time.  I was a little worried about how far I’d make it since I’ve been having some back pain and sciatic pain.  But I completed the maze when I was 7 months pregnant with W so I was determined to do it at 5.5 months pregnant.  We brought W’s wagon and he did great sitting in the wagon almost the entire time.  After 2 hours of walking the maze, it was getting late and cold so we had to stop.  It’s the first year that we didn’t finish.  A little disappointing, but we still had fun.  I should also mention that A has earned the nickname of Map Master because he’s awesome at navigating the maze.  This year, he navigated the maze while pulling the wagon – very impressive!!  After the maze, A took W down a huge slide at the farm.  It was way faster than it looked and I think my heart stopped as A and W came flying down, but W LOVED it.  As soon as they went down, W was running back up to go again.  After that, we headed to dinner.  A great day!!

 I love this picture

 Going down the slide with Da
Cousin love

Sunday, I had hopes of being productive, but that didn’t happen.  I was tired after our previous busy days and W has been waking up at 5 am.  W was great in church.  We ran a few errands, I did a little cleaning, A took W to the park, and I made dinner (which did not turn out well – won’t make that recipe again).  The Bears finally won… yay!

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