Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

Not too much to report.  We had a relatively low key weekend, which was wonderful.

I had to return a few items at the mall on Friday.  I asked A if he and W wanted to meet me there for a quick dinner and playtime at the indoor play place.  It turned out to be a perfect plan because the weather was really cold and rainy.  We don’t eat at the food court very often, but I have to admit, I actually enjoy it (food courts pre children disgusted me).  No waiting for your food to arrive, it’s ok to be loud, no pressure to behave perfectly, you can sit wherever you want – the perfect place for toddlers to eat. J  So after some Sbarro pizza, it was off to the play place where W had a blast.  He loved the slide and tunnels. 

For some reason, W woke at 3 am the following morning (he is still battling a cold so maybe that had something to do with it).  We brought him to our bed and it turned out to be fun waking up next to A, W, and Addie (we need a bigger bed!).  Addie sneezed loudly around 6:30 am and woke up W.  He sat up and burst out laughing – not a bad way to start the day.

Saturday, I took W to school.  A and I are planning to alternate weekends so one of us gets a break every other week.  Not to mention, it’s not so easy for me to sit on the floor and bend over these days. ;)  W was great.  We had lots of fun and I noticed him observing the other children.  He hasn’t quite worked up to actually playing with them, but I think he’s getting close.  And really, it’s a small class (6 children altogether) so none of them interact with one another a whole lot.  The other thing I’ve noticed is W isn’t shy at school.  He starts playing right away, plays alongside other kids, and had no problem making animal noises as his teacher read a book during story time.  I really love his school.  After that, I got my hair cut, and we ended the day with dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.  I had planned on cooking, but the weather was yucky again and I didn’t make it to the grocery store.

Sunday was the usual.  I made buffalo chicken dip to snack on during football games – delicious!  My team lost again!  We played outside for quite awhile and went for a walk.  I overdid it at the park and I’m now having back spasms and sciatic nerve pain (ouch!), but W had so much fun so it was worth it.  He has started going down the tall slides by himself?!?!  What?!?!  When did he get big enough to do that?!?  We had homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner.  A wonderful weekend.

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