Wednesday, December 17, 2014

3 Things

1.  W woke up during the night for the first time in weeks.  That is major progress, people!  Let’s hope the wake up was just a fluke and doesn’t continue.  For some reason, he hasn’t been sleeping as well lately.  Maybe he’s excited about his birthday and Santa!

2.  W has this Chicken Elmo toy.  It’s kind of obnoxious and was given to him by Kaylee – his sweet little church girlfriend.  Chicken Elmo lives in W’s closet and when you push his foot, Elmo dances and sings a silly chicken song.  Anyway, W’s latest thing is to push chicken Elmo’s foot, shut the closet door as fast as possible, and make you dance with him.  I have no idea why?!?  Maybe he likes the song, but doesn’t like to look at chicken Elmo?  It’s really funny.

3.  This instant message… I love my coworkers <3 J
MJ was asking me if we are keeping an eye on you, as you progress along.  She doesn't want us to let you work alone in the office.  I said yep we are watching her, and so far you were doing great... Hmmm, everyone is watching out for you....scary... just kidding. :)
I suppose it's nice that people are concerned... and a little creepy that people are watching me :)
We all care about you, well maybe not Yester :S

FYI: Yester is an admin who doesn't really like anyone in my group - it's not just me!

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