Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weekend Recap - Part 2

Friday… Black Friday.  My mom and I go shopping every year on Black Friday and this year was no exception.  We always head out around 7 am and it has always worked well – the midnight shoppers are done and lots of other shoppers aren’t out yet.  This year, however, was CRAZY.   So. Many. People.  I did order a dresser and glider, which was super exciting.  My mom actually purchased the glider as a baby gift for us, which was really sweet.  While placing the order, I was told that if the store didn’t have them in stock, it would take 14-18 weeks for them to arrive.  SAY WHAT?!?  I had no idea.  I could live without the glider, but I needed a dresser to start organizing and storing baby clothes.  Thankfully, the store had both (which I think is rare and we really lucked out).  I was very excited.  My mom and I came away with some great deals, but we also ran into a couple snags.  One store advertising everything as 50% off, but when it came time to pay for items, they weren’t all 50% off (still need to contact customer service about that one – not cool).  I picked out a few books for W and didn’t check the price.  I just thought books were books.  Ha.  My total seemed way high and after looking at the receipt, I realized one of the books was $27.  For a children’s book?!?  No way.  That book is being returned.  I should also mentioned that I was absolutely exhausted and so done with shopping by 2 pm.  I was tired of annoying people and carrying heavy shopping bags.  My mom and I ended up meeting A and W for an impromptu late lunch and it really cheered me up.  I was SO hungry by that time and W was so well behaved.  The restaurant had a sleigh and Christmas décor and W was mesmerized!  He kept pointing to the sleigh and waving – so cute. J  I can’t remember Friday night, but I think it was pretty uneventful.

Saturday, I had a 7:40 am doctor’s appointment.  I was still tired and worn out from the prior day’s shopping extravaganza.  The appointment was with my favorite doctor and went well.  It was the gestational diabetes appointment so I had to drink the lovely sugary fruit punch and then wait an hour for blood draw.  I made A come with and keep me company since I knew it would be a long appointment.  The drink wasn’t bad at all.  I asked favorite doctor if I could schedule a c section with him and he said yes, that I could schedule the c section at my next appointment (the plan is still to try for VBAC if I go into labor earlier).  While checking baby’s heartbeat, baby gave the doctor a couple really strong kicks – the kind of kicks where my whole belly moves.  I think the doctor was surprised and commented on baby’s strength.  I asked about baby’s position.  It appears baby is head down, but diagonal.  Pretty common for this stage of pregnancy.  We also scheduled a 3D ultrasound.  Something I had originally planned not to do since W didn’t look anything like his ultrasound pictures, but I just couldn’t resist a peek at this babe.  And I ended the appointment by getting the pertussis vaccine.  The nurse warned me it would hurt.  My arm was feeling fine shortly after the shot and I naively thought others who’ve complained must be wimps.  Joke was on me because by the next day, my entire arm was throbbing.  That one hurts!!

The rest of the day was busy.  I got my hair cut, we went for a walk (the weather was really nice), A put up Christmas lights outside, and we went out for pizza.  A fantastic (albeit busy) day.

Sunday, I was in such a bad mood.  I’m not sure why exactly, but I wasn’t feeling well and was a little overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to get done.  Knowing I had tons of work emails waiting for me and plans every weekend from now until eternity didn’t help my mood.  Church, Starbucks, and grocery shopping all went well.  W refused to nap until 3:45.  4 hours passed his normal nap time!  When he finally fell asleep, I finally snapped out of my bad mood.  I even painted my nails – something I haven’t done in about a year!  A little pampering goes a long way.  We decided to decorate the tree that night and it turned out beautifully.  Because of the late nap, it took A forever to get W to sleep, but when he finally slept, all was well.  I was sad our long weekend was over.

And now here we are – December!!  When I opened my work cabinet this morning, there was a gift bag.  Sometimes my boss gives W little gifts for holidays so I wondered if it was from him.  But no, it was a thank you from work for my contributions to a successful regulatory inspection.  How nice and totally unexpected!  I received a gift card and plaque.  It made my day. J

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