Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Thoughts

This week has been a busy one.  Lots of meetings, throw in a work holiday party, and I’m spent.  Luckily sleep has been pretty good the past couple nights, but somehow I’m still worn out.  'Tis the season!

Speaking of the work holiday party, there were some amazing prizes to be won.  A trip to San Diego which included hotel, airfare, golf at Torrey Pines, dinner, and more.  How awesome would it be to win that?!?  There was also a 60 inch tv, Blackhawks tickets, Bulls tickets, Starbucks gift cards, and American express gift cards.  Of course I didn’t win anything, but great prizes nonetheless!

Work has been crazy lately.  And I can't tell you the number of times I've been told to "hold the baby in" for as long as possible.  I'm getting nervous about maternity leave.  On a related note, we interviewed a candidate who would fill in while I was away.  Not impressed.  Hoping we get more candidates in.

W has been saying so many words lately!  He’s not really putting words together quite yet, but I can’t believe how much he’s learned in a short time.  It really is amazing.  Lately, he tells people (and Addie) to move.  It sounds a bit rude, and I’m not even sure where he learned that, but he means well.  And he says it in his cute little W voice so it sounds a lot sweeter coming from him.  We’ve been trying to teach him “move please”.

I’m sure every parent despises certain toys – usually because they’re loud and obnoxious.  What toy do you absolutely loathe??  For me, it's an alligator push toy.  We received it as a baby shower gift and I thought it was adorable.  W’s nursery was decorated with alligators, which made the toy that much more special.  It was cute for the first year… up until the time W started running through the house with those alligators making loud clacking noises everywhere he went.  If that weren’t bad enough, he finds it hilarious to chase Addie with it, scaring her to death and he’s also run over my feet with it, which hurts like hell.  It usually gets taken away from him within the first 3 minutes of playing due to running into people (and animals), bashing into walls, or repeatedly banging it on the floor.  I hate that thing.  This morning I was telling A that I envisioned launching it outside and watching it break into pieces as it landed.  He told me I needed to be more creative – perhaps watching it burn in the fireplace or something.  I can tolerate all other toys, but those seemingly cute/unsuspecting alligators have run into my heels one too many times – they need to go!!

I opened Google this morning and stumbled upon the Santa Tracker, which informed me that there were 11 days and 19 hours until Christmas.  Oh my gosh!  I’m officially overwhelmed.  AHHH!

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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