Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

My gosh, I am dragging today.  The result of another busy weekend.

W still loves his bed, which I’m so thankful for.  Unfortunately, he’s gotten up really early the past 3 days.  5 am to be exact.  I think our packed weekends may be throwing him off.  Not sure.  But I am TIRED.  Anyway, let’s talk about Saturday.

As mentioned, we started off the day really early.  A and W headed out on their top secret mission to purchase donuts, bagels, and Starbucks.  My favorite way to start the day!  I got ready while they were on their mission.  After breakfast, I headed to Target for a couple items - slippers for W and ingredients to make Christmas mix.  Sadly, W hated the slippers I bought for him.  Boo.  He used to love slippers. L 

Around 11 am, A, W, my mom, and myself headed to the Polar Express, where we met up with Nani and Papa.  A little background info on this… There was a lot of hype surrounding the event.  It typically sells out in July/August.  I was picturing a very decorated, magical train, Christmas lights, Santa, hot cocoa, homemade cookies, carolers, the Polar Express story read by a conductor… you know, the whole nine yards.  Especially given all the hype and the expensive tickets.  So imagine my disappointment when the train was late and there were no decorations whatsoever.  The train was your typical, everyday Metra train.  The carolers were high school students, the hot cocoa was chocolate milk, the cookies were from Chick-Fil-A, the story was a recorded reading…  And there was absolutely nothing magical about the event.  We also had to sit up top because the train was full.  Lame.  We did get a visit from Santa and W did love the train, but we could have saved ourselves a heck of a lot of money by taking W on a regular old train ride and bringing the Polar Express book along.  Lesson learned.  Sadly, I don't even have any great pictures to share.  I got some cute ones of A and W, but A still likes to keep his privacy so no pics of him.  Here's all I've got...

What I expected vs. reality... :)

W fell asleep in the car on our way home and naturally, when A tried to move him to his bed, he woke up.  A thirty minute nap resulted in a cranky W.  I find that days with a short nap or no nap are especially tough.  Any plans I might have had for a productive day are shot and I feel like I never get any "down time".  The house doesn’t get cleaned and nothing else gets done.  My energy is spent trying to keep W busy to avoid impending meltdowns.  Somehow I did manage to make Christmas mix for A’s and my office parties, but the rest of the day is a blur.

Sunday, we went to church and then grocery shopping.  We also decided to have lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings since we skipped our usual Starbucks breakfast.  W got water in a cup with a straw at BWW.  He loves straw cups… a little too much.  He ended up spilling his water all over and was VERY upset.  I think it startled him to have the cold water spill all over him.  Of course, I didn’t have a change of clothes for him (I keep another set in my car, but we had A’s car) so we just had to wait for his pants to dry.  Poor guy.  He eventually settled down, had some chicken, and all was well.

We eventually got home and W refused to nap.  Uggh.  I felt terrible because A and I had a Christmas party to attend.  My mom had generously agreed to watch W while we were out.  I knew he’d be cranky without a nap and felt guilty about leaving.  Apparently he was pretty good and ended up napping for 30 minutes.  Phew.  The Christmas party was at my boss’s house and really nice.  It was great to get out, enjoy yummy food, and catch up with colleagues.  Only downside was my boss lives an hour away and we couldn’t stay long. 

Now, here we are.  Just trying to make it through another Monday.  I can’t believe my “baby” turns 2 in less than a week and Christmas is only 10 days away!!

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