Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Thoughts

Friday at last.  I’ve had a bit of a rough week.  Nothing major and mostly work related.  I’m hoping the weekend provides a chance to refresh and regroup.  We have lots planned per usual, but lots of fun things with W - I hope he enjoys it!

Speaking of W, he absolutely LOVES his big boy bed and it makes me so happy.  He’ll grab us by the hand and bring us over to sit on the bed with him.  It’s adorable – except for the fact that I refuse to sit on his bed for fear that it will collapse.  So I sit on the floor next to the bed. J

Last night, W pointed to the rocking chair in the nursery, indicating that he wanted me to sit on it.  He then came over to me and said “up”.  I sat him on my lap and we cuddled and rocked together for at least 20 minutes.  W isn’t much of a cuddler and sitting there rocking with him was incredibly sweet.  As we rocked and listened to his music player, I felt so fortunate to have him.  I always feel that way, but those perfect, quiet, snuggly moments with W are great reminders to slow down and not take the life we’ve been given for granted.  After a long day, those cuddles were that much sweeter.

I love talking to A.  That may sound weird, but we have great, thought provoking conversations.  Unfortunately these don’t seem to happen often enough given our busy schedules and attention to W.  But recently we were talking about parenting.  A knows how I feel about being a SAHM.  In a nutshell, I don’t think I could do it.  I love W more than words, but I’m just not cut out for it.  As much as work drives me crazy some days, I need adult interaction.  I need to feel like I’m contributing to society outside of being a mom.  I need to feel like all those classes and college degrees were put to good use.  And I really do like my job. J  He, on the other hand, would welcome the opportunity to be a SAHD.  How awesome is that?  I know he’d rock at it too.  Now to figure out a way to increase my salary and make it happen.  In all honesty, it won’t happen; I couldn’t make up for his salary.  But I totally admire A for being open to the idea and willing if the opportunity arose.

I’ve been emailing HR to discuss maternity leave.  I put it off as long as possible knowing that it would just make me upset.  Sure enough.  How is it that so many other developed countries (i.e. all of Europe) have figured out maternity leave, but the U.S. hasn’t?!?  It disgusts me.  Unpaid leave, paying insurance premiums just so I can keep my insurance, using hard earned vacation days to cover the short term disability waiting period… no wonder so many moms don’t take advantage of the full FMLA period.  They have to return to work in order to continue paying the bills.  I can hardly wait for the HR meeting next week.  Gag.

Sorry to end on a depressing note… Happy Friday!

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