Thursday, August 22, 2013

8 Months of Baby W

I started doing monthly updates for baby W on Facebook (similar to what you see in my previous post).  The updates evolved and became more detailed with each passing months.  I love looking back at these and remembering the milestones and events.  I just cannot believe how fast these past 8 months have gone.

7 Months
Happy 7 months!!  Say what?!?!  7 months??  That means you’re closer to 1 than newborn.  Closer to being a toddler than my little baby.  Noooooo!  Just the thought makes me want to cry.  So we’ll focus on the positives.  Another very eventful month filled with lots of firsts… First Cubs game (you loved it!), first time meeting Da Bears head coach (you were asleep, but still counts), first time on an airplane and first trip away from home, first time in a pool, first time meeting your friend, Kellan, first time using a sippy cup (you haven’t mastered it, but A for effort).  You’re sitting up really well with only an occasional tumble.  You’ve tried lots of new foods and like nearly everything.  Exceptions include bananas and avocado.  You’re not quite used to textures and prefer purees.  We suspect you’ll begin to crawl soon because you move and squirm all over the place when we hold you.  I suppose mom and dad should start baby proofing.  Yet another amazing month in the books.  We love you!!

6 Months
Happy half birthday!!  Wow, 6 months!  Already!  The best 6 months of my life.  I think your dad would agree.  This past month, you began taking long naps in your crib (thank you Grandma W!), started sitting unassisted (but often topple over), started noticing Addie (and laughed hysterically at her), tried solid food (you LOVE pears), and you went to the zoo (the penguins were your favorite).   You still put EVERYTHING in your mouth… including those cute toes!  You’ve also started visiting your grandmas at their houses every week and it sounds like you have a blast.

It’s also worth mentioning that mommy survived an important milestone… being away from you, in a completely different state, several hours away.  Whew!

Hard to believe that just 6 months ago, we met you for the first time. You’ve grown so much since then – from a tiny newborn who wasn’t gaining weight fast enough to a strong little man who rolls, babbles (shrieks), laughs, grabs, and eats a ton!!  We love you so much and are so happy/grateful to be your parents!!  You are our everything!

5 Months
Happy 5 months!!  I really wish you'd listen every time I tell you to slow down!  Before I know it, you'll be heading off to college.  This was a really fun month!  You laughed for the first time, started rolling quite a bit, met your Great Uncle Bob, and found your feet.  You were also baptized.  It was so very special to have you baptized in the same church mom was baptized in, surrounded by close family and friends.  You also had your first ear infection (boo), but overcame it like a champ!  When we're out and about, people love to comment on your red hair (it gets redder by the day!), how cute you are, and how happy you seem (most of the time).  We love you so much and look forward to new adventures!

4 Months
Happy 4 months!!  I say it every month, but you’re getting so big!  This month, you rolled over for the first time (back to tummy), met your Great Grandma, explored your Exersaucer, watched the Cubs with dad, started to put things in your mouth, and you’ve developed a love for the Cookie Monster song.  Everyone who meets you instantly loves you – church friends, mall shoppers, nursing home residents, people at the grocery store, etc.  Who can blame them?  We have so much fun introducing you to new people and activities and we enjoy watching you learn and grow.  We love you, little man!

3 Months
Happy 3 months!!  We've had quite an eventful month!!  You're quickly growing out of your cute little clothes and turning into a little man!  This month, you started consistently sleeping 8+ hours at night (thank you!), you figured out how to turn your entire body in your crib, you repeatedly roll from side to back and vice versa, you met the Easter bunny, and mom returned to work .  You’re a very mellow guy for the most part and only get angry when you’re hungry or overtired (who can blame you?!?).  I love our "conversations" and the way you “dance”.  I can’t imagine life without you.  I'm so happy to be your mom, little man.

2 Months
Happy 2 months!!  We've really enjoyed getting to know you these past 2 months.  We love learning your personality, your likes and dislikes.  You're such an amazing little guy and we already know you're going to make us so proud.  We love you, little man!!  The world is so much better with you in it!

1 Month
Happy 1 month!!  You’re such a sweet baby.  You’re sleeping 6-7 hours every night.  You’re gaining weight and your bilirubin levels have stabilized, which means less doctor visits… yay!!  We’re having so much fun getting to know you.  You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to us and we love you so much!


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