Monday, August 5, 2013

What You Won't Find

I have so many ideas for blog entries…  I’ve come across some spectacular posts on other blogs – fabulous recipes, ideas for various outfits, interior decorating.  There are some really, really talented people out there in the internet world.  Yeah, this blog won’t be any of that.  Ha!  Chef, I am not.  My idea of a fancy schmancy dinner party involves hiring a caterer and we order in dinner way more than we should.  I do love fashion so maybe you’ll see a bit of that, but I’m not sure my clothes are blog worthy.  I also enjoy decorating, but again, not blog worthy stuff.  So what will you find?  Lots of family stuff – how hubs and I met, what it’s like having a spouse with CF, going through IVF, training learning to live with a crazy dog, sports, fun times with friends, my favorite things, and adventures in parenting.

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