Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baby W Lately...

Baby W has amazed me lately.  He’s always amazing, but this past weekend he seemed to grow up before my eyes.  His grandma noticed he was getting his first tooth on Wednesday.  The bottom right tooth had started to poke through his gum line.  Two days later, I noticed the top left tooth coming in.  I know the poor guy is uncomfortable.  He woke up 3 times on Friday night.  But for the most part, he’s handled it like a champ.  He seems to be his typical content, mellow self during the day.  He just has trouble sleeping at night.  Then, this past weekend, he was all over the place… scooting backwards across the living room, rocking on his hands and knees – so close to crawling, and he even sat himself up from laying down.  All that in one weekend.  I’m constantly astonished how fast babies grow and learn.  From a helpless newborn to a mobile baby in a just a few months… remarkable.

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