Wednesday, September 24, 2014

20 Weeks with Baby #2!

How far along? 20 weeks!  Halfway there!

Size? Baby is the size of a banana.  That seems large!

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Still able to make some non maternity tops work.  I've been trying to have fun dressing the bump... hence my maternity fashion post. :)

Weight Gain? Not sure and I don't care.

Gender? Baby boy!

Sleep? Terrible lately.  I never feel like I get enough sleep.  Every night, either W or A wakes me up.  W crying or A snoring loudly.  I'm ready to check into a hotel!

Movement? Movement every day.  Waiting for those big kicks!!

Food Cravings? Specialty drinks!!  They're terrible for you and high in sugar, but I could have one every single day.  Trying to limit myself to 1 drink in the morning each week and 1 after work... 2 drinks per week.  My favorites are still the Caramel Frappe from McD's, Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte, Decaf Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino, and Caramel Apple Spice.  Yum!!  I literally want one all the time.

Labor signs? Way too early.

What I Miss? Chicago style hot dogs and Potbelly's turkey sandwich.  Being able to hold W for long stretches.  Being able to get up after sitting on the floor.

Symptoms?  My first leg cramp.  I got these during the night when I was pregnant with W and they are really painful.  Today I woke up not feeling well - sore throat, stomach pains, and nausea.  Hope whatever it is passes quickly!

Happy or Moody?  Moody.  My colleagues keep criticizing what I eat/drink for breakfast/lunch and it's really annoying.  Admittedly I don't eat enough fruits and veggies, but they're criticizing what I do eat/drink.  Especially my favorite - caffeine free Coke.  I have 1 each day and it's apparently the worst thing ever.  Sigh.  I also considered taking a sick day this week - I've just been feeling overwhelmed and tired all the time.  Cue major work situation, which means no sick day for me.

Looking Forward To?  The 20 week ultrasound!  I'm equal parts excited and nervous.  This is the big ultrasound where they look at all baby's organs, take measurements, etc.  Praying baby is healthy and on track.  Also looking for confirmation that he is in fact a he (not that I have any doubt).

Best Moment of the Week?  Slowly beginning to order items for baby #2's nursery.  I LOVE decorating rooms.  W and I played outside together on Sunday and I so enjoyed it.  He even got Ma to crawl up the playground equipment and go down the slide with him (I thought I was going to get stuck). :)


  1. Yay! Congrats on your boy. Wow. We are so close together and both baby boys. So exciting.

    1. Thank you!! Little boys are so much fun!! And they sure do love their mommy. :)