Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How I Revealed Baby #2's Gender

It occurred to me that I never shared how I told A another sweet boy was on the way.

When I was pregnant with W, A was present during the ultrasound so we found out W's gender together.  We had a fun little day - gender reveal, then lunch, then shopping for a couple boy items to celebrate the big news.  This time around, I elected to do the Verifi test.  I liked that several chromosomal abnormalities could be tested for and being able to find out baby's gender was an added bonus.  But it also meant that I would find out baby's gender without A being present.

My OB's office never called me to let me know that the Verifi results were in.  I ended up calling them and was told that my test results were in fact in, but that a doctor needed to review them so they'd call back the following day.  Torture!!  And incredibly nerve wracking.  I thought that meant something was wrong.

The next morning, I kept my phone near me at all times.  Except when I walked down the hall to ask a coworker a question.  Naturally, that's the exact time I received a call from the doctor's office.  They left me a voicemail indicating that all test results were normal (such a relief!) and that they knew baby's gender so if I wanted to know, I needed to call back.

Of course I called back right away.  I was shaking as I made the call.  I didn't care either way, but it was such important and exciting news!  The gender of my baby!!  Would W have a sister or a brother?  Would I be buying bows or trucks?  I always thought boy.  But then there were times when I thought, "What if I'm wrong?".

The nurse didn't make me wait long and announced, "It's a boy!".  Another boy.  I smiled and thanked her.  It was so strange to find out via phone call.  And even stranger to have such a big secret all to myself.

Prior to the Verifi test, I had purchased a onesie that said Little Brother.  I was that confident that baby was a boy.  I didn't tell anyone about my purchase for fear that they'd think I was crazy and just kept the onesie in a bag in my closet.  I planned to give A the onesie when I got home, but I just couldn't wait.  I was so excited to share the news.
I immediately texted A and our conversation went something like this:
Me:  I have a secret
A:  A secret you can share??
Me:  Let's play a little game...
Me:  Go upstairs and into my closet
A:  Hang on, bringing W with me
A:  Ok, I'm there
Me:  Towards the back of the closet, near the hamper, you should see a gray bag
A:  Yes, I see it
Me:  Open it!!
A:  A BOY!!!!

It turned out to be such a fun way to tell A. :)  He was very excited and though he never admitted it beforehand, he later told me he was hoping for another boy.

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