Friday, September 19, 2014

Does the Work/Life Balance Really Exist??

I continually struggle with the work/life balance.  That should be obvious since I’ve mentioned it 4972 times on the blog and I’m certain I’ll never feel like I’ve achieved that balance.  I continually wonder if I’m spending enough time with W.  When I arrive home from work, little man is stuck to me like glue.  He wants to be picked up constantly.  I make an effort to give him my full undivided attention between the time I arrive home and the time he goes to bed.  Very limited cell phone time, no tv for me (except on that rare occasion when the Bears are playing in prime time, but even then, I watch very little of the game).  I focus on W and what he wants to do – which is usually reading books, playing with trucks, and playing with puzzles – or last night, jumping off chairs!?! (I did put a stop to that one).  But lately I’ve been wondering, is he clinging to me because he doesn’t spend enough time with me or are these just typical toddler antics?  The former is heartbreaking so I really hope it’s the latter.  I’ve thought about how I could change my work schedule and what I could do differently and I have no good answer.  Moving to part time might be possible but I’m not sure work would be on board and I don’t think our finances could handle it.  Maybe I could work from home 1 day per week – that would save me an hour and a half of driving, but again, not sure if work would be on board.  Maybe the pregnancy hormones are just making me feel extra guilty and burdened lately.  I know we’re very very lucky in that our moms watch W during the week.  Little man is always cared for by family and he is oh so loved.  And in my heart, I know he knows that… so perhaps that’s enough and I should stop worrying…

On a MUCH lighter note, I had two people approach me today and say “What?!?  You’re pregnant?!?!”  It was really funny.  This rather large bump surely didn’t happen overnight.  Happy Friday!! J

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